27/03/2020 Things I’ve Learnt Staying Home This Week

Anyone else been swinging erratically between, “I’m going to use this time at home to relax and recharge,” and “I could be super-productive and get loads of things done,” this week?!

When you’re relaxing having family time you worry you should be cracking on with something and then when you are beavering away at something you worry you should be making the most of being at home!

Whilst it’s been a very surreal week, I have learnt a few things during my time at home…

I love being a student

It’s fair to say I embraced being a bit of a geek when I was at school and college. I wasn’t afraid of putting my hand up if I knew the answer and used to sit and hope the teacher picked me! I would spend hours on my homework and it was always in on time.

Now that I’m a teacher, I don’t really have any time to go to any classes myself. With my own classes on hold for the time being, I’ve decided to dive into online workout classes by the likes of Joe Wicks and Danielle Peazer.

I’ve found that I’m really pushing myself, desperate to do the moves perfectly. I want to impress my teacher even though they can’t see me!

I need routine

I had a day this week where I didn’t plan out what I was going to do.

No to-do list, no structure, nothing.

Rather than enjoying the freedom, I found myself feeling lost. I hate feeling lazy unless I know I really need a rest day.

I aimlessly wandered about the house and garden trying to find inspiration for what to do.

I’m basically obsessed with dancing

“Well we already knew that Helen, didn’t you?!”

Well of course I love dancing, there’s never been any doubt about that!

But what has surprised me, is that rather than use this first week of not working as a bit of a break from it all, I’ve chosen to spend all my spare time watching endless dance videos, stretching and choreographing routines!

I should make more of an effort to keep in touch with family

This week I’ve spoken to my family SO much more than usual.

We’ve all been checking in on each other daily via text, phone calls, Whatsapp, Facetime and Messenger and it’s just been really nice.

With so many communication tools at our finger tips, it’s seems a bit silly that we don’t normally do this.

I guess the hustle and bustle of daily life normally gets in the way.

This is definitely something I will try and keep doing when some sort of normality returns!