Privacy Policy

I am committed to protecting any data that I collect concerning you and I only collect the minimum amount of information from you required for me to provide you with a satisfactory service.

My website address is


What personal data do you collect, how and why?

I collect the full names of class members for my class registers.

If you attend a class you will also be given the option to provide me with your email address and/or phone number.

You may provide me with this information in person verbally or directly via phone, email, social media or otherwise. Names are added to my registers, names and contact numbers added to my mobile phone and names and email addresses added to my email account via my encrypted tablet, mobile phone, or password-protected home computer.

I will only use your contact information as a means of getting in touch with you if I have important class information e.g if a class was cancelled without prior notice. I do not collect contact details for marketing purposes and you will not be added to any mailing list of any kind.

You may choose to contact me directly via any of my communication channels. Any contact information I receive from this communication will only be used to respond to and deal with your enquiry or class booking. You will not be added to any mailing list of any kind and any contact information will not be stored without request. Email enquiries regarding my classes are however kept for up to 6 months in case further follow-up correspondence is required or there is ongoing communication. After this time they will be deleted. It is your responsibility to contact me if you wish any communication between you and I to be deleted before this time.



All photographs of class members displayed on this website have been taken and displayed with the consent of those photographed for promotional purposes. As well as being stored on this site, these photographs are stored on my password-protected home computer and can only be accessed by me. If you feature in any of the photographs on this website you may remove your consent for them to be displayed here or anywhere else by contacting me via email at The photographs you wish to be removed would then be taken down and I would take reasonable action to remove them from all sources within one month. Said photographs would no longer be used for any type of promotion and would be deleted from all storage places.



Cookies are small files which are downloaded on to a user’s device when they access a website. They are used to store a range of information usually specific to that user or their device.

What cookies does this site use?


This is a load balancing cookie used to manage server traffic demand which ensures the content of the site’s pages loads quickly and effectively.

This is a strictly necessary cookie and essential to the operation of the site. The cookie therefore cannot be turned off and does not require user consent. It is always set and does not store any personal information. The cookie is automatically deleted when the user’s browsing session ends.


Sharing of personal data


The personal data I collect and hold is not shared with anyone else. It can and is only viewed by myself to ensure smooth running of my business.


How long do you retain data?


Names and contact information are held for as long as someone is attending a class. If someone stops attending a class and doesn’t attend at any point for the following 3 months their name will be removed from my register and contact details deleted from my email account and mobile phone. My class registers have to be kept for 7 years for tax records so I cannot remove someone’s name from previous registers if they attended.

Email enquiries regarding my classes are kept for up to 6 months in case further follow-up correspondence is required or there is ongoing communication. After this time they will be deleted.


Where is my personal data stored?


Class registers are stored on my Google Drive with email addresses stored in a contact list in my email account and contact numbers in my mobile phone. Only I have access to this information via my encrypted mobile phone and tablet and my password-protected home computer.


What if I want to be removed from your records?


If for some reason you wish to be removed from my contact records please get in touch and your details will be removed from my spreadsheet, email account, and mobile phone within one month.


My contact information


If you have any questions about my Privacy Policy, or if you want to know what information I have collected about you, please email me at

Please also get in touch to update me if your contact details change.

Helen Tomlinson

1 Victoria Road,



South Yorkshire

United Kingdom

S36 1FW

Last updated January 2019.