27/11/2020 My 2020 Gratitude List

I think it’s fair to say that most people will not look back on 2020 very fondly. That might be an understatement!

There seems to be an eagerness to get to 2021 and blot out 2020 from our minds as best we can.

This year has felt like a bit of a write off so it’s easy to forget about all the positives that have come out of it.

I know that a negative mindset certainly doesn’t do me any favours! 

For my own wellbeing, I challenged myself to think of 20 things I’m grateful for this year. It was a lot easier than I initially thought it would be.

Here is my 2020 gratitude list. Writing it reminded me of how fortunate I am.

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23/10/2020 Messages Sent to My Bestie That Sum Up 2020

Well, here we are again! We’re back in lockdown baby. It never really felt like we fully left the last one though did it?

To lighten the mood, here are genuine messages I’ve sent to my bestie over the last 8 months that perfectly sum up 2020.

P.S. I’ll be forever grateful that she puts up with my amateur dramatics!

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19/10/2020 Funny Memories From My Teenage Years

I’ve noticed more and more nostalgia posts on my social media feeds recently.

“Remember these?!”

“Top 10 Trends every 90’s Girl Remembers!”

“Who remembers doing this?!”

We seem to love a throwback or a comeback.

With things seeming so bleak right now, I think we are all craving simpler times, fun times.

We could all do with a bit of cheering up right now so I thought it might be funny if I took a trip down memory lane. Sit back and let me entertain you with tales from my teenage years…

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12/10/2020 Learning to Let Go of Control

Well, this year WAS planned out to perfection with everything neatly scheduled in my diary. 2020 had other ideas though!

I am definitely a self-certified control freak but this year has been a harsh reminder that I can’t always be in control. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you are at the mercy of the world around you.

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11/09/2020 5 Things You Need to Know About Dance Fit

Dance Fit – It’s all about burning calories, toning up and ultimately getting fitter by dancing to your favourite chart hits! The dance element of the class makes it fun and because you are concentrating on following the moves you forget you’re exercising. You might call it exercise in disguise.

These are the basics but here’s the stuff you really need to know…

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04/09/2020 Back to Class!

As the kids go back to school, I’m preparing to go back to Dance Fit.

After seeing so many posts on my news feed of friends’ children kitted out in their school uniform, I can’t help but think me and my class members should post ‘back to class’ photos of ourselves with all our workout gear on to mark the occasion!

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28/08/2020 Never Have I Ever with Helen

We’re all human and for that reason I challenge anyone to score a clean sheet on this health and fitness themed version of ‘Never Have I Ever…’!

Here are some secrets I definitely don’t like to brag about! See how you fare with these questions –

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21/08/2020 Thoughts I’ve Had This Week

It’s been a busy old week at Dance Fit with Helen HQ.  There’s been lots of work going on behind the scenes to get classes back up and running very shortly (more info coming next week!) and we have been preparing to have a new carpet fitted in our bedroom (rock ‘n’ roll stuff or what?) Of course, having a new carpet fitted means emptying the entire room and moving it all to somewhere else in the house. I’m sure I don’t need to explain how much of a chore this was.

Here’s a little look at what’s been going on inside my brain over the last 7 days (if you’re interested of course.) 

P.S This blog post may have been better titled, ‘A Week of Whinging,’ ‘Ramblings of an Over Thinker,’ or ‘This Week’s Worries.’ 

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