13/07/2018 Is Clothes Shopping Getting You Down?


The issue of sizing in clothes shops keeps coming up time and time again. Some shops seem to be well-known for their small sizes. It is common knowledge that the same size can be different from shop to shop. Then we have to take into consideration the style and fit of the item of clothing at hand – this may alter the size you need too. A shopping trip which should be fun (for those of us who enjoy a spot of shopping) can quickly turn into a fraught, frustrating, upsetting and sometimes rage-inducing experience!

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06/07/2018 What Does Being Body Confident Mean?


If I asked you “Are you body confident?” what would you say? This question usually raises laughter with many women saying “No way!” Recently I arranged to have some up to date photographs taken of some of my classes for promotion and everybody was asking me if they were going to be photo-shopped or airbrushed! Negative body talk seems to be ingrained in us as women. It’s something we bond over. But what is body confidence anyway and why is it so hard to embrace?


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29/06/2018 Workout Excuses Busted!


If you are looking for an excuse not to workout you will find one and when you find one you will probably be able to argue your case for skipping said working out like a top lawyer! When it comes to getting fitter and healthier, as a society we are talented in “waiting until Monday,” procrastinating, talking ourselves out of things, and justifying our reasons for why we don’t want to do something as reasons why we shouldn’t do something! Let me break down some of those well-worn excuses…


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22/06/2018 At Dance Fit It’s OK If…


The thought of group exercise can leave a lot of women in a cold sweat. The main fear is usually that they will embarrass themselves in front of others. I believe that feeling self-conscious is the number one reason many put off going to a fitness class as opposed to just a simple lack of motivation. At Dance Fit there really is no need to worry because¬†the following things are all OK!… Read more

20/04/18 Beginner’s Guide to Exercise


You know what they say…

“If stress burned calories, I’d be a supermodel!”

Make that stress, worry, self-deprecation or procrastination! We stress about needing to get in shape, worry we won’t be able to do it in the allotted time we give ourselves to, say we can’t do it and debate how we will do it and inevitably keep putting it off!

Here is my simple guide to getting started…

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