02/04/2021 The Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Chocolate for breakfast is completely acceptable on Easter Sunday, just like a Buck’s Fizz at 9am is definitely allowed on Christmas Day morning. Easter, like Christmas, is a time where we go wild for chocolate no matter what our age.

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26/03/2021 My Photos and Memories of The Last Year

Can you believe it’s been one year since lockdown number one started? This photo was taken just over a week before that first lockdown was announced. Around that time, we were just beginning to realise that COVID was becoming a more serious issue and I recall taking my own little bottle of hand sanitiser with me to the restaurant I’m photographed in here. None of us knew though that we were about to have one last week of normality before our lives radically changed. We were oblivious of the ‘new normal’ heading our way. No-one would have believed back in March 2020, in that first week of lockdown, that in March 2021 we would still be faced with lockdown and strict restrictions. 

The unimaginable happened though and here we are. I’ve done many posts about lockdown this last year. I shared my lockdown in pictures back in May and my funniest lockdown photos back in August. As we’ve just passed the one-year anniversary of the first lockdown, I thought it was time to do a roundup of some of my most memorable photos and memories from the last 12 months. Looking back through my photo albums has reminded me of just how surreal things have been. We’ve somehow adapted to this new way of life over time which is easy to forget now we are so far on since March 2020.

All the following photos make me smile for different reasons. Some serve as a reminder of how far we’ve come, others make me laugh and some highlight how happiness can still be found in unsettling times.


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19/03/2021 The Many Stages of Saturday

Friday evening – The weekend starts now! I’m going to chill tonight then I can get up in the morning and get all the chores and little jobs out of the way first thing. That way I’ve got the rest of the weekend to relax and do what I want.

Midnight, Friday evening – Put phone down after an hour of mindless scrolling on social media watching random videos.

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15/03/2021 Thoughts We’ve Had About Returning to Normality

As we cautiously dare to dream about a steady return to our old, normal lives, it’s only natural that our brains are swimming with thoughts. How will it feel? I need to make up for so much lost time, how will I fit it all in? What will I need to start doing again? What will I do first?

How many of the following thoughts have you had?!


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05/03/2021 My Daily Ditch List for Self-Love

We could all benefit from being kinder to ourselves. It’s definitely something we should think about, especially at this current moment in time.

How we talk to and treat ourselves has just as great an impact on our mental well-being as other people’s behaviour towards us does.

Replace that to-do list with this ditch list and start giving yourself a little love!

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02/03/2021 10 Lockdown Fitness Fails

Trying to handle everything lockdown throws at you, maintain a positive mindset and keep on top of all the usual day to day stuff that needs doing is hard enough. Want to get fit or stay fit too? This may be your toughest challenge yet…


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12/02/2021 Love and Romance in Your Teens

I was unashamedly obsessed with the idea of romance from being very young. I can remember dancing around the kitchen to “You Can’t Hurry Love” as a young teen. (Seriously, what 14-year-old owns their own copy of the album ‘Love and Life – The Very Best of Diana Ross’?)  I watched rom-com after rom-com, romantic movie after romantic movie growing up. My book shelves were filled with teen romance novels.

I’m still a bit of a romantic today and with Valentine’s Day almost upon us, I find myself wondering if I’ll get any flowers this year…

I know some people loathe the day and others love it regardless of their relationship status. The mushiness of the day either makes your skin crawl or has you squealing with delight.

But, whether you’re single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, I bet you can look back and have a laugh at how love and romance played out in your teen years. Whether you had a secret crush, a childhood sweetheart, or you were a friend’s wingman or woman, I hope the following cringe-worthy memories of my school days give you a good giggle and get you reminiscing about your own!

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05/02/2021 Third-Quarter Phenomenon in a Third Lockdown

I’ve lost count of the number of people that have told me that they’re finding this lockdown the hardest and I’ve seen endless social media posts expressing the same struggle. Everyone seems fed up. With the vaccination programme now well and truly off the ground you’d think we would all be feeling a bit more hopeful.

Yes, we are in lockdown, but shouldn’t we be taking comfort in the fact that we are so much closer to a taste of normality than we have ever been before? We get to see visible proof of progression now with images and footage of people having the jab all over the news daily. Why then do we feel so despondent?

This low mood we collectively seem to be experiencing has been likened to the ‘third-quarter phenomenon.’

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30/01/2021 A Week of Home Cooking with Helen

Hold on to your hats people, I’ve been cooking. And not my usual style of cooking which generally involves hotting things up. Proper cooking. This is the same girl that wrote a post a few years back titled, “Why I Hate Cooking.”

My idea to try a week of cooking came partly from being bored of eating the same things every week and partly from being desperate for a new activity to keep myself occupied during lockdown.

I don’t think I’m ready for MasterChef just yet but as someone who never really cooks, I’m feeling proud of myself after this week’s efforts. See what you think…

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