15/03/2021 Thoughts We’ve Had About Returning to Normality

As we cautiously dare to dream about a steady return to our old, normal lives, it’s only natural that our brains are swimming with thoughts. How will it feel? I need to make up for so much lost time, how will I fit it all in? What will I need to start doing again? What will I do first?

How many of the following thoughts have you had?!


1. Meeting indoors means I’m actually going to have to clean the house before people come round! And after! – One benefit of hosting a virtual get together is you just have to tidy what’s in the background behind you. You don’t have to clean the bathroom for guests and there’s no hoovering or pot washing to do when everyone’s left!


2. My wardrobe hasn’t been updated since 2019 – All my jeans and nice tops have gathered dust; I have no idea what still fits or what’s even in fashion anymore.


3. Will I be able to hack having a full diary again? – I’m used to a nice, quiet nights in now and relaxing weekends spent chilling in my dressing gown.


4. Will my bank balance be able to hack it?! – Attempting to make up for a year’s worth of missed social occasions and outings does sound like an expensive challenge.


5. I won’t be able to just turn my camera off or mute myself in a face-to-face meeting – I’m actually going to have to look presentable, pay attention and make valuable verbal contributions during conversations.


6. I’m going to miss not having to commute – What time did I used to set off? How long did it used to take me? Best remember to check google maps for any roadworks, disruptions or accidents beforehand. Bye bye 30 second commute from one room in the house to another and hello rush hour traffic, the bane of my life. 


7. Less time at home means less snacks – Come on, we can’t pretend it’s just the kids that are going to struggle with this one.


8. I’m going to have to start exercising more – I’ll need a lot more energy if I want to regain my busy and active pre-covid lifestyle with ease. Social events require a certain level of endurance, especially if you’re wearing heels! 


9. When the restaurants and bars reopen, where will I go first and what will I order? – There’s a lot of pressure riding on this decision. I’ve built this moment up in my head and salivated as I’ve thought about my favourite meals and drinks. After waiting all this time, disappointment is not an option. 


10. I’ll be able to hug people again! – I. Can’t. Wait. I know some people feel hugs are just awkward embraces that are an invasion of personal space. But it’s been so long since we were able to hug, I can’t help but wonder if the people that say they don’t do hugs have secretly missed them too?!