19/03/2021 The Many Stages of Saturday

Friday evening – The weekend starts now! I’m going to chill tonight then I can get up in the morning and get all the chores and little jobs out of the way first thing. That way I’ve got the rest of the weekend to relax and do what I want.

Midnight, Friday evening – Put phone down after an hour of mindless scrolling on social media watching random videos.

Saturday Morning

Silly o’clock – No chance of a lie in. Shuffle to the kitchen in pjs and dressing gown half asleep and make first brew of the day. Really should have gone to sleep earlier last night and not spent so long on my phone.

5 minutes past silly o’clock – Slump on sofa, turn on TV and enter some kind of Saturday morning trance.

10am – Where the heck has the time gone?! Best get some breakfast, get ready and get this show on the road!

11.30am – Somehow, it’s taken one and a half hours to make and eat breakfast, clear the breakfast things away, shower and get dressed. Decide it would be lovely to get out for a walk for some fresh air this afternoon. It’ll soon be lunchtime. No point starting the housework or tackling the to-do list now. Better wait until after lunch, have a power hour getting things done, then go out for a walk. Will just put a load of washing on so it’s ready to be taken out after lunch.

11.35am – Ooh the bestie has messaged. Will catch up with her before thinking about lunch!

Saturday Afternoon

12.30pm – OK, what’s for lunch?

1.00pm – Finally settle on soup and a sandwich after numerous laps around the kitchen surveying the limited options over and over again to be sure I’d not missed anything. (Note to self – must get food shop done this weekend.)

1.15pm – Lunch is served. Let’s just put something on to watch.

2.00pm – Right that’s the pots washed. Power hour time! Hmm, but it is 2pm now. In a few hours time it’ll be too late to go for that walk. Also need to do that food shop too. Procrastinate about what to do when.

2.30pm – Really ought to be making the most of the weekends so best walk first! But where to walk to? I’ll need to change into something more suitable. Procrastinate about the walk.

3pm – Finally out the door! Time to blow the cobwebs away and recharge the batteries.

4pm – Back home. Worn out and freezing. Sit on sofa with coat on trying to warm up.

4.15pm – Time for a brew and then I can finally crack on with some cleaning.

Saturday Evening

5pm – Wake up completely disorientated. Must have dozed off, damn! Well, I can fit some chores in now before tea time. Will tackle the bathroom first.

5.30pm – Oh it does feel good having a productive Saturday! What next? Should probably put the leaning tower of clean clothes away. What’s this other pile of clothes on the floor?! That could have gone on with the load I did this morning! (Best get that out of the washer next. I nearly forgot about that.)

6pm – I will never get over just how long it takes to put clothes away! Belly’s starting to rumble. Still got quite a lot of things left to do but there’s always tomorrow. I can get up and get all the chores and little jobs that still need doing out of the way first thing. That way I’ve got the rest of the day to relax and do what I want.

6.10pm – Nothing in for tea and too tired to go food shopping now. This is a dilemma.

6.15pm – Seems there’s only one option, takeaway! Feel like I’ve earned it after today. Best get the notepad out, write down the order and work out how much it’s going to cost.

6.45pm – Order placed. An hour minimum for delivery. I’m starving.

7pm – What time is it? It’ll be here any minute now surely…It’s only 7pm!!!

8pm – Eventually tucking in. How much did I order?! What a feast!

9pm – That’s it. I need to stop. Well and truly in a food coma now. Will clear this lot away in the morning. I can’t move. Time to find something to watch.

9.30pm – After half an hour scouring Netflix, decide to put an old favourite on. Just need to get the snacks out first.

9.45pm – I’m putting my phone down now and I’m not looking at it until the film has finished.

10.30pm – Wake up just in time to see the end of the film.

11pm – So tired, got to go to bed. Wait, did I get the washing out?