26/03/2021 My Photos and Memories of The Last Year

Can you believe it’s been one year since lockdown number one started? This photo was taken just over a week before that first lockdown was announced. Around that time, we were just beginning to realise that COVID was becoming a more serious issue and I recall taking my own little bottle of hand sanitiser with me to the restaurant I’m photographed in here. None of us knew though that we were about to have one last week of normality before our lives radically changed. We were oblivious of the ‘new normal’ heading our way. No-one would have believed back in March 2020, in that first week of lockdown, that in March 2021 we would still be faced with lockdown and strict restrictions. 

The unimaginable happened though and here we are. I’ve done many posts about lockdown this last year. I shared my lockdown in pictures back in May and my funniest lockdown photos back in August. As we’ve just passed the one-year anniversary of the first lockdown, I thought it was time to do a roundup of some of my most memorable photos and memories from the last 12 months. Looking back through my photo albums has reminded me of just how surreal things have been. We’ve somehow adapted to this new way of life over time which is easy to forget now we are so far on since March 2020.

All the following photos make me smile for different reasons. Some serve as a reminder of how far we’ve come, others make me laugh and some highlight how happiness can still be found in unsettling times.


Not being able to go to the hairdressers.

With salons closed, I decided to invest in some headbands to cover up my grey roots.


Celebrating birthdays during a global pandemic.

Me and my hubby both turned 30 in the last year. The hubby had a lockdown birthday but I was lucky enough to have my birthday when lockdown one restrictions started to ease. Nevertheless, all our big 30th birthday plans were out of the window. We still managed to make both days special though.


The glorious weather we had in lockdown 1.0.

The first lockdown was hard but as my soul soaked up that warm sunshine, my spirit lifted. I also had my first ice pop since I don’t know how many years ago!


Fine dining at home.

With restaurants closed we had to step up to the plate and get to work in the kitchen if we wanted a really nice meal. I now actually have some basic cookery skills and knowledge. #proud


Endless decorating.

It’s as boring as watching paint dry you might say but it has to be done. The various lockdowns allowed us more time to get a move on with it all. If I ever have to go to a DIY store again, it will be too soon.


The times it all got too much.

Some days I found myself exhausted, drained from the whole situation. Any wobbles, meltdowns or generally rough days had to be slept off.


Enjoying the small pocket of time when places reopened.

That brief stint of time when pubs, restaurants and cafes could open with indoor seating and indoor activities could resume was truly cherished. The joy of being able to go for a drink, a meal, a cuppa or even a round of mini golf! I don’t know if these pleasures will ever be taken for granted ever again.


Going on walks.

A year later and going for a walk is still one of the most popular lockdown activities. Making banana bread, online quizzing and virtual socialising have slowly fizzled out but walking is still going strong. As time has gone on, we’ve found ourselves still having to remain indoors as much as possible so it’s only natural our desire to get outside has intensified. We seem to walk in any weather, but if the sun’s out then the walking shoes are definitely out. 


Being inspired by Bake Off.

Oh, and there was that one time we baked.