Read what real class members have to say about my dance fitness classes!


Helen is a brilliant teacher who made me feel really welcome and at ease from the start. The classes are always loads of fun with a great relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is really friendly. New routines every month keep things fresh and dancing makes exercise feel like a pleasure instead of a chore! Sapphire

“Dance fit is something to look forward to in the week. It is enjoyable as there are new dance routines and music every month. As well as improving my fitness I have a good laugh at myself when I mess up but no one judges. This is a friendly and fun class that I would highly recommend.” Michelle

“I’ve been going to Dance Fit for a while now and it is definitely a place where I feel confident and comfortable, it is also a very welcoming environment. All abilities are accepted and I love how it is both dance and fitness because it makes keeping fit and active enjoyable.” Tyler



“I was so nervous about starting dance fit and put it off for months! And now I ask myself why!! To be completely honest I was always worried about people laughing at the fact I have no coordination whatsoever and that I wouldn’t be doing it “perfectly.” The truth is, you don’t need to do it perfectly and you don’t need to have perfect coordination. Everyone there is in the same boat, nobody is a professional and honestly nobody even watches what you’re doing as they are too busy trying to keep up! I finally bit the bullet and started Dance fit at the beginning of the year and now I absolutely LOVE it! It’s energetic and fun, with upbeat music and fantastic routines with an even more amazing teacher. I always have a good laugh and I am so glad I have started. If you’re like I was, sat at home doubting yourself, then I recommend you give it a go…. It’s not what you expect!! It’s far far better!!” Sammie


“Dance fit class is hard work but lots of fun. I’m 70 and feeling good, thanks Helen.” Mona



“Dance fit is a great way to get fit and enjoy yourself at the same time ! I’ve been going for just over a year now and really look forward to Tuesday nights. Helen is a wonderful, supportive teacher who teaches us the most amazing and fun dance routines! The whole dance class is very friendly and relaxed and even the most nervous of people would be made to feel at ease and enjoy themselves.” Leanne


“I don’t always fancy dance fit in an evening – a glass of wine and crisps often feels more tempting. But I’m always so glad I made the effort. Classes are great fun as Helen is approachable and engaging and I always leave with a smile, energised and refreshed. While I could then justify the wine and crisps I don’t crave them any more!” Wendy


Dance Fit is the most enjoyable exercise class I’ve been to! Helen creates a great atmosphere, is encouraging to everyone and always picks great songs to dance to. Could not recommend highly enough! Harriet


“Helen and everyone else in the classes are so welcoming, they instantly made my nerves go away! A great place to make new friends and get healthier! Thanks Helen!” Beth


“Fun way to train, mix it up and shake your booty!! Brilliant for all levels of fitness and loads of laughs. Helen is an amazing teacher. …. Highly recommend you give it a go!!!” Adele


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