07/08/2020 My Funniest Lockdown Photos

Back at the beginning of May I wrote a blog post entitled ‘My Lockdown in Pictures.’

Three months on, I thought it would be amusing to scroll back through my gallery and dig out some hilarious photos.

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24/07/2020 Saying Goodbye to My Twenties!

Next week I turn the big 30. It’s the end of an era.

At a small gathering for a friend’s 30th the other week, one of my friends (who’s already turned 30) asked if anyone else had noticed that they had gone up an age bracket when it came to filling in forms. At least that’s one thing I’ve got to look forward to!

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17/07/2020 My Most Embarrassing Holiday Story Ever


Many of us have been left without a holiday this year. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but what can you do?

To cheer up anyone who has had their summer holiday cancelled like me, here’s my most embarrassing holiday story ever.

Close family and friends will have heard this fateful tale before but may like to revel in my humiliation one more time!

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10/07/2020 Running – A Beginner’s Review

Saturday the 4th of July. Another Saturday with no plans. My 15th Saturday spent in lockdown and I still wasn’t used to this slower pace of weekend.

The weather had been disappointing all week and I was getting cabin fever. I was also feeling very sloth-like after a week of very little exercise. It got to 3pm and I thought, “Right, I’ve got to move myself.”

“I’m going for a run,” I announced.

Now, this is not something I do regularly, not at all. I’m definitely not a runner. But I’d successfully managed the 5k ‘Run for Heroes’ challenge back in April after being nominated to do it. I would go as far as saying I enjoyed doing it too. So, with over 2 months having passed since the 5k, I was feeling ready to give running another try.

My husband politely declined my offer for him to join me.

So, with nothing on my person, off I went (I do not own a bum bag, a phone armband, nor was I wearing anything with pockets).

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03/07/2020 8 Types of People on Video Calls

To date I have attended 2 x online birthday parties, an online hen do, an online baby shower, various online meetings, numerous online girls’ nights and who knows how many online pub quizzes. I just need to attend an online wedding and I’ve got a full house!

Here are the 8 different types of people you will encounter on an online call. Which type of caller are you? FYI – I can relate to the first 5.

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26/06/2020 No One Cares About My Grey Hairs! – A Lockdown Lesson

For some unknown reason I have been hell-bent on trying to show/prove to people just how bad my grey hair is!

This has involved sending close up photos of the top of my head to friends and family, shoving my scalp to the screen during Zoom calls, and lowering my head like a bull prepared to attack to show anyone who is a safe 2 metre distance away.

For someone who currently has 5 headbands in rotation to disguise the mass of grey on top of their head, I am very eager to point out my grey hairs to anyone who cares!

The problem is, no-one does. Literally, no one. Well, apart from me!

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19/06/2020 Can Your Home Ever Fully Replace an Exercise Environment?

OK, so let’s look at some of the obvious pros to working out at home:

You don’t need to travel anywhere – what a time saver!

Forgot your water? Just head to the kitchen!

There’s definitely no need to worry about how you look!

But would we miss the group exercise classes, the gyms or the leisure centres if they never opened up again?…

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5/06/2020 How to be a Home Workout Queen!

Whilst there seems to have been a big rise in people taking up regular exercise during lockdown, I know on the flip side of this a lot of people have been struggling with motivation at home.

With your regular class not on or your local gym or sports centre shut, it can be hard getting moving at home. Firstly, you’re not in your usual exercise environment. Secondly, you’re trying to workout in an environment you associate with relaxing!

Here are my ideas for how you can get back to acing your workouts.

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