16/08/2019 Q and A with Me!

In this Q and A with myself I spill the beans on my life as a dance and dance fitness teacher. Get to know me a little better as I answer some personal questions and some frequently asked questions…

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09/08/2019 Post-Holiday Survival Guide

It’s amazing how quickly we adapt to being on holiday. We eat and drink what we want, how much we want and whenever we want! Working out tends to go out of the window unless you count lounging around by the pool as a workout!

Unfortunately, when we are back home it can feel like a real struggle to return to the normality of a sensible diet and regular exercise.

Getting back on track need not feel like a big upheaval though. Let’s face it, we’ve got enough to deal with in terms of unpacking, washing and the post-holiday blues!

Here are my quick-fire quick fixes for easing back into a healthy routine after your holidays.


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02/08/2019 Feel Like Exercise Just Isn’t for You?


Do you ever feel like exercise just isn’t for you? You might be thinking you’re not sporty enough, not fit enough or don’t look the part. Or you might simply be thinking that you’re just not that interested!

But maybe you haven’t found the right type of exercise yet…


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26/07/2019 What to Expect at Your First Dance Fit Class


You’ve made the decision to get fitter and have plucked up the courage to try something new. You’ve booked a place at a Dance Fit class, you’ve got your trainers on and you’re armed with a bottle of water. You walk in the door and pay the instructor, now what?!

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05/07/2019 Be a Weekend Warrior

It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve just left work and everyone around you has got that ‘Fri-yay!’ feeling. You’ve been good all week eating healthily and exercising but now 3 nights and 2 days of temptation lie ahead.  You might be going out for drinks, out for a meal or going to a party. It’s that time of the week where we like to eat more and drink more whilst inevitably exercising less and sleeping less! Here’s how to survive, indulge a little and be a weekend warrior!

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28/06/2019 Staying in Shape on Holiday

Life is too short to be counting calories when you’re on holiday. Your annual break away will most likely only account for 7-14 days out of the 365 in the year…so you shouldn’t feel guilty about having that big blow out meal when you’re on vacation! However you can still stay in shape on holiday and it might just be easier than you think… Read more

14/06/2019 What Your Instructor Is Really Thinking!


It can be super daunting starting a new fitness class, especially if you have fallen off the exercise wagon. You’re probably thinking, “Will I survive?” and envy the oh so confident teacher. Well this might surprise you, but your instructor is sometimes thinking, “Will I survive?!”

Let me tell you, you’re not alone in your self-conscious, self-doubting thoughts…

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