02/03/2021 10 Lockdown Fitness Fails

Trying to handle everything lockdown throws at you, maintain a positive mindset and keep on top of all the usual day to day stuff that needs doing is hard enough. Want to get fit or stay fit too? This may be your toughest challenge yet…


  1. You haven’t got any clean workout clothes because you’ve worn the lot for lounging in – Isn’t it funny how successfully sportswear can double up as loungewear?

  2. Your home workout space has sofas in it – This is not ideal.

  3. You’ve taken full advantage of being able to slack off during your home workout – Getting tired during a pre-recorded online workout? Just press the pause or stop button. Can’t find the energy to give 100%? Don’t worry, they can’t see you anyway. Technology is a great thing!

  4. Your average daily step count has dropped dramatically – Staying at home means you’ve gone from an average of 9000 steps a day to 900.

  5. You’ve started to loathe going for a walk – Walking around the block is sending you around the twist. 

  6. 9 times out of 10, any grand plans to exercise outdoors are scuppered by the weather – It’s either too wet, too icy, too cold, too windy or too warm. (Too warm? Yes, you read that correctly. There was that one warm day last weekend.)

  7. You now class all those walks to and from the front door to collect packages as your main form of exercise – A good excuse to keep up the online shopping.

  8. A day off from exercise accidentally turns into two weeks off – Easily done when you’ve lost track of what day it is. 

  9. You now get tired from doing very little – Cooking tea is a workout in itself.

  10. “I’m into fitness,” has turned into, “I’m into fitness whole takeaway in my mouth” – Restaurants may be shut but your local takeaway isn’t. With the difficulties of lockdown testing you daily, placing that order has never felt so easy.