09/04/2021 20 Things You Will Always Regret Doing

Sometimes you can almost hear that little voice in your head saying, “Why? Why are you doing this?!” yet you carry on and do it anyway!

Here are 20 day-to-day things I think a lot of us do but always regret doing.

1. Deciding your hair can go another day without washing it.

2. Forgetting to eat your fruit and veg. (Hello constipation.)

3. Skipping a workout.

4. Not getting up after your alarm goes off.

5. Not ordering what you really want at a restaurant. (It’s no fun watching everybody eat their desserts while you sip on your after-dinner coffee or tea and nibble at the biscuit or mint that came with it.)

6. Procrastinating the day away.

7. Having a nap that lasts over 30 minutes. (Anything over and you will wake up feeling disorientated, groggy and worse than before.)

8. Deciding you can just fill your car up at the petrol station on the way to where you’re going tomorrow.

9. Leaving the pots until the morning.

10. Opening a share bag of crisps when other people are around. (You now feel obliged to share when you had no intention of sharing.)

11. Not writing down that thing you suddenly remember that you need to do. (Because in 10 minutes time you will have completely forgotten what it was.)

12. Risking not taking a coat.

13. Saying yes to too many things.

14. Getting into bed and having one last look at your phone. (You’re now not going to sleep for at least another half an hour.)

15. Saying that you’ve seen a film or TV show when you haven’t.

16. Taking too long to decide what you’re actually ordering online. (You finally narrow down your basket and what you’ve decided on is now out of stock.)

17. Buying the gorgeous but painful shoes on the premise you will wear them in at home.

18. Having a busy and productive day off. (When you go back to work the next day you wish you’d spent your day off resting and relaxing.)

19. Wasting a day off doing nothing. (You end up wishing you’d actually got things done and that you’d not had such a boring day off.)

20. Sending a quick-fire reply to an email or message only to read it back afterwards and discover several mistakes.