08/05/2020 My Lockdown in Pictures

In case you were wondering, here’s what I’ve been getting up to during this funny old time. Here’s my lockdown in pictures.



Food Shopping

I nominated myself to be the designated weekly food shopper. I felt proud at first, like I’d put myself forward as tribute in the Hunger Games. I soon regretted the decision after I spent 45 minutes queuing to get into Aldi one Friday morning. 

Dressed up for a virtual get together with friends

I think this particular Skype call ended up lasting over 8 hours and resulted in a very sore head the next day. What can I say? We were trying to make up for 2 x 30th birthdays spent in lockdown. 


Who had their bedroom plastered just before lockdown and moved their bedroom into their attic which is also halfway through being decorated? Oh yes, that would be me.  I would normally be excused from all things DIY, on the account of me working evenings and weekends which is when DIY tends to take place in our house. With dance lessons and competitions on hold for now, I’m free to help hubby. Turns out I’m not a fan of painting, but I have realised what a good workout it is!

Online quizzing

With no dance competitions to attend with my students, I’ve turned my competitive nature to online quizzes. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve done. I’ve learnt a lot. Did you know in every single episode of Friends, the word ‘friends’ is said at some point? Mind. Blown.

Working from home

It may be hard to believe, but I haven’t stopped working even though I’m not teaching any physical classes. I’ve been creating online classes for existing class members, choreographing, creating resources for my dance students to help them practice at home, catching up on admin work, all alongside continuing to promote Dance Fit with Helen. It’s somehow ended up being just as exhausting as usual!


I’ve been walking, dance fitting and even running! I did the ‘run 5k, donate £5 and nominate 5,’ Run for Heroes challenge for the NHS. I really surprised myself with the run and managed to do it in 34 mins and 20 seconds. I didn’t stop once and the route included some Sheffield style steep hills! It’s safe to say I’ve not been doing my usual amount of exercise but I’ve been going with the flow and trying to do bits as often as I can.  


This is actually a pretty big deal for me seeing as I never really cook. Not working in the evenings has led to me making tea more often and experimenting with teas that don’t just involve putting something in the oven at gas mark 6. I made the ‘Easy Spanish Chicken’ photographed above all by myself and declared it the best thing I have ever made. I wouldn’t class a 30-minute preparation time as ‘easy,’ but it definitely wasn’t hard and I’ve realised that maybe I’m a little impatient when it comes to food!  

Busy doing nothing

We’re all human. Every now and then we all need one of those days where we just stop. There are no prizes for anyone who makes it through lockdown without a wobble, meltdown or day where they just feel too tired to do anything. It’s OK to stop and I’ve found on the days where I have, I’ve usually come back stronger the next day.