01/02/2019 How Do I Fit It All In?

We are all guilty of burning the candle at both ends. Whether it’s work or play we often forget that 4 letter word that should follow – rest! Add into the mix trying to fit exercise in every week and it’s no surprise we end up feeling exhausted by Sunday.

This exhaustion is often the reason exercise gets demoted to the bottom of the pile and is easily dismissed during a busy week. If you skip exercise you will probably find you are still just as tired. This is because exercise is known for improving our energy levels. So, what’s the solution to fitting in work, workouts, a social life and rest and relaxation?


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25/01/2019 Too Embarrassed to Exercise?

Last week I was giving Dance Fit taster sessions at a local primary school. I started each lesson with a talk about my classes. I asked each class what reasons they could think of that would stop a person coming to class even though they wanted to. Every class gave me the same answer – “They might be embarrassed.”

I asked the children to expand on this. Why might they be too embarrassed to come?

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18/01/2019 The One Mistake Everyone Makes in January

January is a very tough month. It’s dark, it’s cold and everyone has the back to work blues after Christmas. Many decide to attempt Dry January. Many more decide to go cold turkey on any food deemed too naughty.  No one dare look their bank balance in the eye.

Weighing scales emerge from their December hiding holes. Unhappy with the number on the scales, many resolve to make a change. With motivation levels at an all time high everyone throws themselves into exercise. Instructors can’t remember the last time they had so many people walking through the door!

Despite having all the enthusiasm in the world, it doesn’t change the fact that jumping back into exercise is HARD. The realisation of this tends to lead people to make a big mistake…

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11/01/2019 Weights – Let’s See What All The Fuss is About!

It seems like everybody is going crazy for weight training workouts. A quick search for the hashtag #womenwholift on Instagram has brought up 1,873,716 posts. Better still the hashtag #gains brings up a staggering 29,100,083 posts!

If I’m honest, I’ve never really considered adding weights into my weekly exercise programme before. However, after seeing so much boasting about the incredible results it can achieve my curiosity has been piqued!

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04/01/2019 4 Reasons to Join a Group Fitness Class in 2019


There’s no denying it, January is the most popular time of the year to get into exercise. We’ve all overdone it at Christmas and are now feeling the effects. We want to do something positive to kick start the New Year. We want to feel good about ourselves and we’d love to look good too.

So you dust off your trainers and start googling gym memberships. You begin researching the different types of exercise.

Here are 4 reasons why you should sign up to a group fitness class in 2019…

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28/12/2018 Why I’m Not Making Any New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no need for me to make New Year’s resolutions if I just keep trying my best.

If you try your best, you can do no more. For me personally, I know that I always try to give 100% in whatever I do. I’m pretty self-motivated and self-disciplined. I would definitely describe myself as a perfectionist.

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