5/04/2019 Exercise and Be Happy

We all know the importance of exercise for our physical health but are you aware of the wonders it can do for our mental health?

According to the NHS getting a regular dose of exercise can lower a person’s risk of depression by a third!

“If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented,” Dr Nick Cavill, Health Promotion Consultant.

Let’s take a closer look at the concept of ‘only ever being one workout away from a good mood’…

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29/03/2019 Find Yourself a FitFam

The hashtag #fitfam is very popular across Instagram accounts dedicated to health and fitness but what does it mean?

When I googled the definition of ‘FitFam,’ the first explanation that popped up was: “Fitness lovers who support one another to reach their ideal fitness goals.”

Whether you think the term FitFam is cheesy or not, there’s no denying that the people closest to us often have the biggest influence on our decisions and their encouragement is a powerful motivator.  If the people around you are working on their fitness, you will want to work on yours too. When it comes to exercise and healthy living a bit of peer pressure is brilliant!

This is why you need to surround yourself with like-minded fitness friends if you want to get into exercise. Here’s why you need to find a FitFam!

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22/03/2019 5 Fitness Truths To Keep You Motivated In Spring

Did you ‘spring into spring’ this week? Or was it more of a limp? Maybe you started the year as an early bird exerciser or a night owl gym goer but now you’re feeling more like a permanently exhausted pigeon?!

If your enthusiasm for exercise has dwindled, you’re not alone. Sadly, so many people who start fitness regimes at the start of the year quit them.

So, if you’re thinking about giving up entirely remember how well you have done already just by not quitting. Feel proud and enjoy being in the committed minority.


Here are my 5 fitness truths to help you stay ‘fitspired.’ Stick to frequent exercise and you’ll feel like a spring chicken in no time!

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15/03/2019 Did the Gains Begin?

Back in January I made the decision to start using weights for the first time. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about surrounding weight workouts. Could I really build a bum as bootylicious as Beyonce? Could I find love for a workout that didn’t involve any type of dancing?!

I published a blog post at the time detailing what I set out to do and why which you can read here in case you missed it.

Now it’s time for my follow up post filling you in on the progress I’ve made. The photo above shows my before photo on the left and my after photo on the right 9 weeks later.

Did the gains begin?…

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08/03/2019 Bettering the Balance

So today, the 8th of March, marks International Women’s Day, woohoo! Shout out to all the ladies out there! I can almost hear Beyonce singing ‘Run the World.’

Today we celebrate all the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Put simply, we celebrate female fabulousness.

This year’s campaign theme is ‘Balance for Better’ with the focus being on building a gender-balanced world. But what does this mean when we think about exercise and physical activities?

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22/02/2019 Grandma Knows Best!

Some of you will already know that my grandma in law is a loyal dance fitter. She is definitely one of my loudest supporters! However, it still came as a surprise to me that she decided to take the time to write a little testimonial for me to use especially to promote my classes. I did not ask her to do this, she wanted to!

Mona, my grandma in law, has had quite the journey when it comes to her health and fitness. The transformation I have seen in her is still something that shocks me most weeks when I see her at class putting 100% in alongside women half her age.

I cannot take all the credit (although she would try and make me!) as Mona had a complete overhaul of her diet and eating habits to get to where she is now.

But without further a do, let me share with you what she had to say about Dance Fit and her progress. Thank you Grandma!

I hope it will inspire anyone out there thinking about starting one of my classes to go for it. Remember, Grandmas always know best!

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15/02/2019 3 Things You Need to Do to Make Exercise a Habit

For better health and fitness, we have to make exercise a habit. It has to be part of your weekly schedule. When something becomes part of your routine it feels odd to skip it which means you rarely will.

But for something to become a habit you have to stick at it. This means you have to be consistent. Exercise should not be approached in the same way a fad diet might be. It’s not a case of do it for 12 weeks and then pack it in when you reach your goal.

We’re now into February and my class attendance figures have already seen a slight drop. This happens every year. The January ‘new year, new me’ buzz has quietly died down and gone into hibernation ready for next year!

So what is the secret to sticking at exercise long enough for it to become a habit? Well it might just be simpler than you think…

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08/02/2019 The Pros of Evening Workouts

We usually only hear about the pros of working out in the morning and the cons of working out in the evening. “Exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what it’s doing!”

Let’s face it, who wants to get in from a long day at work only to get changed and go out again? Not to mention no-one wants to work out on a full stomach so you have to eat dinner either really early or late.

Well it’s time to debunk some of those ‘evening workouts are bad’ myths and reveal some of the positives of exercising later in the day…


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01/02/2019 How Do I Fit It All In?

We are all guilty of burning the candle at both ends. Whether it’s work or play we often forget that 4 letter word that should follow – rest! Add into the mix trying to fit exercise in every week and it’s no surprise we end up feeling exhausted by Sunday.

This exhaustion is often the reason exercise gets demoted to the bottom of the pile and is easily dismissed during a busy week. If you skip exercise you will probably find you are still just as tired. This is because exercise is known for improving our energy levels. So, what’s the solution to fitting in work, workouts, a social life and rest and relaxation?


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