04/12/2020 My Favourite Family Christmas Traditions

We all have our own quirky Christmas traditions which we stick to every year without fail.

My family has some funny festive formalities.

Here are my favourites…


Decorating the tree on the first weekend of December – It’s the law, even in 2020!


Dad snooping through the shopping bags and revealing who’s got what for Christmas – “I didn’t know this was out on DVD yet.” “What’s this?” “Who’s this for?” Dad – “I don’t like these,” Mum – ” THEY’RE NOT FOR YOU! PUT THEM BACK!”


Mum making the following comments when the Christmas CD gets played –  

“You know, the NYPD don’t actually have a choir.” (Made in reference to the song ‘Fairytale of New York.’)

“Skip this one, I can’t stand it!” (Said when ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’ comes on.)

“Can everyone please just be quiet while I listen to this one in peace!” (Said when her favourite Christmas song ‘I Believe in Father Christmas’ comes on.)


The Christmas Eve takeaway – Nothing says Christmas like a chicken kebab with chips or beef in black bean sauce with egg fried rice.


The annual photo sat under the tree – Every year me and my sister have a photo together sat under my mum and dad’s Christmas tree. My hubby has joined us for the photo for the last 10 years. Taking the photo is usually a time-consuming task with Dad unsure if we should close the curtains or leave them open, or if we should put the big light on or off.


Dad with the black bin liner – This must be a universal Dad thing. Within 5 seconds of you opening a present, Dad has swooped straight in to get the wrapping paper cleared away. 


Cutting crosses into the sprouts – My only contribution to Christmas dinner. Apparently, this practice is of no benefit to the taste of the sprouts and does not help them cook more evenly. Nevertheless, if my mum or my mum-in-law asks me to cut the crosses, I’m not silly enough to argue!


Pudding being ‘a bit of everything’ – OK, hands up who wants a mince pie with a dollop of trifle on one side and a piece of chocolate log on the other? Double cream too?