23/10/2020 Messages Sent to My Bestie That Sum Up 2020

Well, here we are again! We’re back in lockdown baby. It never really felt like we fully left the last one though did it?

To lighten the mood, here are genuine messages I’ve sent to my bestie over the last 8 months that perfectly sum up 2020.

P.S. I’ll be forever grateful that she puts up with my amateur dramatics!

“I could really go a wine now but none in…I’ve got a bottle of prosecco but seems a little frivolous opening that on a Tuesday night.”
“I realise this means I’m going to have to cook the tea most nights…I’ll have to set up my own Just Giving page for that. Please support Dan’s wife slaving away at home.”
“I’m fuming I can’t get hand sanitiser. I’ve been using since beg of Dec before the hype.”
“Just won the Wednesday quiz AGAIN. Not broke the winning streak.”
“This tiredness is ridiculous I’m blaming lockdown.”
“I’ve got that it’s day 190689946 feeling today.”
“Just riding that anxiety train. Choo choo!”
“I swear I’ve aged 10 years this year.”
“Boris best hurry it up. I can’t have Strictly delayed.”
“I’m going to have to learn how to make an Xmas dinner at this rate.”