13/11/2020 More Than Just a Class

With classes off again for the time being, I thought it would be nice to dedicate a blog post to their importance.

Here’s a little poem written by me. I hope you like it!


More than just a class.


It’s not just about getting fit.

It’s about being out of the house for a little bit.


When you attend, you make new friends.

There’s lots of laughter so you’ll feel so much better after.


Feeling stressed? Get it off your chest.

Got the hump? Let the endorphins pump.


Been working overtime? Enjoy some me time.

Feel out of whack? Get your mojo back.


Feeling down? You’ll soon come around.

Dance Fit is a bit like a night on the town.


Bop along and enjoy the songs.

You’ll feel looser and it’s a great mood booster.


Dancing is not just great cardio.

It will help you find your get up and go.


Sweat to forget your troubles.

Enjoy being in your own little bubble.


Jiggly bits don’t offend.

Shaking your shimmy is something the teacher recommends.


Looking for support and encouragement?

You’ve got it. Don’t worry, there won’t be any judgement.


It’s great for your health, both physical and mental.

If you’re feeling good it’s not coincidental.


But alas, another lockdown is here.

Staying indoors is such bore.


We’re reminded once again,

It’s more than just a class.