19/10/2020 Funny Memories From My Teenage Years

I’ve noticed more and more nostalgia posts on my social media feeds recently.

“Remember these?!”

“Top 10 Trends every 90’s Girl Remembers!”

“Who remembers doing this?!”

We seem to love a throwback or a comeback.

With things seeming so bleak right now, I think we are all craving simpler times, fun times.

We could all do with a bit of cheering up right now so I thought it might be funny if I took a trip down memory lane. Sit back and let me entertain you with tales from my teenage years…

The time I tried to lie to my mum so she’d let me go to an U/18’s club night.

This is a typical teen sob story about all my friends being allowed to do something I wasn’t. I was the only one in my friendship group who wasn’t allowed to go to these U/18 disco nights. It was basically clubbing without the alcohol. One time, the injustice must have been too much for me to take so I concocted a lie about it being one of the girl’s birthdays and said that she was having her party at this club.

Mum needed a few days to think about it as per but unfortunately during that time remembered the girl whose birthday I had said it was had the middle name Valentine. Blabbermouth here had once told her she had the middle name Valentine because she was born on Valentine’s Day. I don’t recall the time of the year but I do know we weren’t in February. Alas, there was no U/18’s night for me, only a lecture about lying and trust!

Taking my hair straighteners to school to use after PE.

That’s right, I would straighten my sweaty hair after PE. Ewwww. Back in those days my straighteners were permanently attached to my hands. I remember spending one Christmas day incessantly straightening my hair after getting a pair of GHDs as my sole present from mum and dad. Kids today don’t know the struggle of the bulky Babyliss steam straighteners that took two hands to lift.

Going to bed with my make up on ready for the next day. 

I can hear readers gasping now. What was I thinking?! This was an ingenious idea of mine to save time in a morning and allowed me an extra half an hour in bed on a school day. Gross.

Pushing the school uniform boundaries. 

I know everyone did this when they were younger but I really think I deserve more credit as my dad was one of my teachers AND drove me to school and back.  I remember once I managed to make it to and through a whole day at school in a pair of black strappy high heels. (Why I was concerned with looking even taller I don’t know.) They were definitely not on the list of school-approved shoe styles.

I remember running on my tip toes to the car to avoid the sound of my heels clicking, diving in the car and then dumping my school bag on top of my feet. My hair at the time was wrapped around my neck like a scarf to hide the fact I had 2 x chandeliers hanging from my earlobes and my jumper was pulled down as low as possible to cover the GIANT belt I had on for purely decorative purposes. Question – Why did I bother dressing up my school uniform when I just had to spend all day hiding the fact I had dressed it up?!

The time my friend made me put my watch back by an hour so we could claim we were on time when we arrived back at her parents’ house one Saturday evening an hour past curfew.

As you know from the first anecdote in this post, I’m not very good at lying. I recall standing before my friend’s parents with guilt written all over my face while my friend ‘did all the talking’ as she pointed at my watch. Foolproof…