15/01/2021 Lockdown Activities I Still Won’t Be Doing

There are many activities that have become very popular with people wanting to keep themselves occupied during lockdown.

While I jumped on board with taking part in PE with Joe and zoom quizzes, there are other lockdown pursuits I have avoided at all costs.

Even now, when we are currently stuck in a THIRD lockdown, I still won’t entertain doing the following…  

1. Baking banana bread – I don’t like bananas and I don’t like baking!

2. TikToks – I just haven’t got the energy to join another social media platform.

3. DIY haircuts or hair dyes – The scissors are staying in the drawer (definitely out of my husband’s hands) and the box dyes can stay on the shelf at the shop (no matter how grey I get). My ability to do anything with my hair is limited. (I can straighten it and put it into a ponytail if needs be.) Besides, my hairdresser would disown me if did a DIY job on my barnet.  

4. DIY – I begrudgingly had to do some DIY in the previous lockdowns but only because I really HAD to. I take no pleasure in it whatsoever.

5. Gardening – I did a weekend of gardening in the summer of 2016, the year me and my other half moved into our house. Never again. 

6. Panic buying or ‘stocking up’ – The best thing about the weekly food shop is when it comes in under budget. It really feels like a win. So, no amount of mass hysteria could make me buy more and therefore spend more on the big shop. Let’s face it, the more you buy the more there is to put away!

7. Binge watching Netflix shows – This isn’t possible because I can’t sit still for too long. Also, it takes me that long to decide what I want to watch by the time I start watching a show I’m pretty tired out already.

8. Spontaneous online shopping – I can’t say I haven’t indulged in a bit of online shopping over the lockdowns. Haven’t we all? But I haven’t gone wild, I haven’t made any late-night random purchases and I haven’t had a parcel arrive which I couldn’t remember ordering. Just like it takes me forever to decide what I’m going to watch on Netflix, I spend ages agonising over what I should buy whenever I need or want something. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothes or furniture.  

9. Knitting/sewing – Funnily enough I was actually in a sewing club at primary school. Unfortunately, whatever skills I learnt those twenty odd years ago have long been forgotten. I tried some years back to sew a hole up in a pair of leggings and failed miserably. My work looked shoddy and the next day when I tried to wear said leggings the hole reappeared. “She doesn’t bake and she doesn’t sew?!” I know what you’re thinking. I would have made a terrible housewife back in the 50’s. 

10. Obsessively reading/watching the news – I refuse to fall down the rabbit hole. A quick check to see if there is any new news once a day is enough for me. I don’t want to be ignorant of what’s going on in the world but equally I don’t want to end up down in the dumps. We need to keep our spirits up in lockdown!