22/01/2021 13 Signs You’re in Your 30’s

Isn’t it funny how when you’re growing up you can’t wait to be older and then when you do get older you get all nostalgic over being younger?

30 feels like a milestone. 20-year-olds are often aghast at the thought of turning 30 while those in their 40’s and above can’t wait to say, “Just you wait! I wish I was turning 30!”

But there is a definite and noticeable shift between your 20’s and your 30’s. Perhaps incomprehensible for those under 30 and perhaps forgotten by those of an older age. When you’re in your 30’s though, you feel it. 30 feels like a real coming of age moment. You’re still the same fun person you always were but you think a little differently, act a little differently and your life is most probably a little different.

At one time you were 13 going on 30. Now, you’re actually a thirty something. Here are 13 signs you’re in your 30’s.

1. You’ve caught yourself saying, “It’s too late to start watching something now.”

2. You look at photos from your late 20’s and remark on how young you look.

3. You post a lot less selfies and a lot more photos of food.

4. You can’t believe what 18-year-olds wear to go out in now or how well teenagers can do their hair and make-up.

5. You’re really into self-care and wellness. Remember when you classed taking your make-up off with a baby wipe as a skincare routine and didn’t think twice about going to bed past midnight?

6. You’re shocked to realise you are now older than or the same age as the characters from Friends in the later seasons.

7. You’ve asked someone how old they are thinking you must be a similar age to them only to find out they’re 23.

8. You’re turning into your parents. (The other night I found myself with a sudden urge to tackle the rust on the heated towel rail in the bathroom. I have never felt more like my Dad.)

9. Sleeping straight through the night is something that eludes you. You know making a to-do list in your head won’t help you get back to sleep but you just can’t help yourself. 

10. Someone has told you you’re “looking good for your age.”

11. You wouldn’t dream of going out without a coat on if it was cold. Remember when you used to go out to a club and wouldn’t even take a light jacket just to avoid paying £1 for the cloakroom?

12. You’ve become excited by the mundane things in life like when you go to fill your car up and manage to get the price to X pounds and zero pence. What? No one else can relate? Maybe that’s just me then…

13. You’ve uttered the words, “When I was your age…”