03/05/2019 I’ve Got 99 Problems and They’re All to Do With Working Out

Regular exercise can help solve many problems. It helps diminish depression, reduce stress, improve flexibility, boost memory, increase energy, aid weight loss, better your heart health, and keep body and mind young.

However, it also comes with its own set of humorous difficulties. Let’s take a light-hearted look at the perils and pitfalls of working out…


Arranging to go to a class with a friend only to receive a text when you get there saying “Can’t make it tonight, sorry” DUN DUN DUN!


Forgetting your water  There is no greater horror than the prospect of cardio work without it!

Someone stealing your spot – You’re running late but just make it to the class on time, great! But oh no…why is the back row full? Does this mean you have to finally face your fear and stand on… THE FRONT ROW?!


When your fitness tracker dies at the beginning of your workout – I may as well not even bother now!

Having to perform aerobic and dance moves WITHOUT alcohol – This will leave you feeling peculiar.

Mirrors in the studio – Who is that scary woman clowning around? Oh wait, it’s me.

When the instructor asks you a question – Where were you last week? Have you done this routine before? Do you remember what comes next? Your answer: “Errrrrmmmmm…”

When your workout clothes no longer fit – Whilst this is a dream come true, the feeling of your leggings falling down during class will leave you in a cold sweat!

Feeling unfit – It can feel like a shock to the system getting back into exercise but remember giving up would be far worse!


Being a newbie – It can be daunting going to a class for the first time on your own. I get the same feeling when I start teaching a new class and have to introduce myself to a new group. Just remember people are generally nice. The chances are the group and instructor will be as friendly as they come!