10/08/2018 It’s National Lazy Day! (I Was Too Lazy To Think Of Another Title)

That’s right, if you didn’t already know the 10th of August is National Lazy Day! It’s no surprise that very little information can be found about the origins of this day or its creator. Whoever was involved in setting this day up probably couldn’t be bothered to tell anyone!


Laziness has always been seen as an unfavourable trait, a quality to be frowned upon. In our 24/7 society we are always on the go. Sometimes it feels like a competition of who’s busiest. If you’re not busy people want to know why not, is it because you’re lazy? Whether it’s work, networking, house work, working out or working on yourself, you should be working.


I don’t know about you, but on the rare days I’m not busy with work I never feel like sitting back and having a lazy day (even when I do need the rest) I worry I’m wasting a day off rather than making the most of it.  I think to myself “I should be doing something, I should be going somewhere.”  A free day is always a great opportunity to catch up on chores or catch up with others. There’s always family or friends you feel like you’ve not seen in ages so you’re constantly filling your diary up with meet ups. Making arrangements in a group chat usually requires a management degree level of organisational skills because everyone else is just as busy as you!


There is always a certain level of guilt attached with resting and having a lazy day even though it does us the world of good. Me time sounds and can feel selfish. The problem is many of us are usually on the cusp of a burn out but instead of stopping we soldier on through guilt. Sadly though there is rarely anyone waiting at the finish line to give us a medal for our valiant efforts. It becomes expected that we should all just carry on.


I think a lot of my own guilt about taking time to rest comes from being self-employed. I feel as if I should always be working to grow and better my business (no one else is going to do it for me) Then there is the niggling feeling I sometimes get that others think I don’t do very much. I don’t have a traditional 9-5 job. People know about what classes I run but most aren’t aware of the work that goes on behind the scenes in-between classes. I can often hear it in people’s voices when they ask about work that they are thinking “what does she do all day besides a few hours work?”


I’m sure there are so many other people like me that don’t just feel pressure from the media and from their peers. They feel pressure because they put a whole lot of it on themselves to succeed in all areas of life! Perfectionism can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. It rarely allows us a day of doing nothing.


BUT! Today I AM embracing National Lazy Day and have taken the afternoon off! I have noticed some tell-tale signs that my body and mind are in need of some rest. I need to stop. I have been suffering some painful niggles in my shoulders and back and have felt tired out even after having some reasonable nights of sleep. I’ve worked quite a few weekends recently so it’s probably time I took some time out to do nothing! I have also resolved to book myself a sports massage. Sometimes we need reminding that looking after our bodies should be a priority. There’s the famous phrase that your health is an investment, not an expense! That means physical and mental health.


Here’s to being lazy, even if it is for one day only!