11/01/2019 Weights – Let’s See What All The Fuss is About!

It seems like everybody is going crazy for weight training workouts. A quick search for the hashtag #womenwholift on Instagram has brought up 1,873,716 posts. Better still the hashtag #gains brings up a staggering 29,100,083 posts!

If I’m honest, I’ve never really considered adding weights into my weekly exercise programme before. However, after seeing so much boasting about the incredible results it can achieve my curiosity has been piqued!


Despite promoting myself as a body confident woman, I have always fancied being slightly more ‘bootylicious’ shall we say.

I have never really had curves of any sort.

I’m OK with it and I’ve grown to love my body.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have down days about my looks just like the next woman.

There’s also nothing wrong with wanting to be what you consider to be a better version of yourself so long as you are being sensible and healthy.


With everyone around me getting stuck into new things this January I have decided to try something new for myself. I want to see if adding weights into my exercise regime can build and tone my butt. It’s my little experiment!


I will be working out with weights at home 3 times a week to start out with.

After seeking advice and doing some research, I have decided I will alternate between these 2 booty workouts below:



Goblet squats (squats with a dumbbell held to your chest)

Hip bridges (laying down raising hips off the floor with a dumbbell laid across the hip bones, hands stabilising the dumbbell)

3 sets of 20 reps for each exercise with a one minute rest in between sets.


Reverse lunges (lunges stepping backwards with a dumbbell held in each hand, arms down by the side of the body)

3 sets of 10 reps on each leg with a one minute rest in between sets.



Romanian deadlifts (deadlift with dumbbells)

3 sets of 20 reps with a one minute rest in between sets.


Walking lunges (lunges travelling forwards with a dumbbell held in each hand, arms down by the side of the body)

Split squats (a squat on one leg with the rear foot elevated on a bench, dumbbell held in each hand, arms by the side of the body)

3 sets of 10 reps on each leg for each exercise with a one minute rest in between sets.


I will be using the lightest weights I have to start out with using dumbbells weighing 3 and a 1/2 kg. For exercises requiring one dumbbell I will use a 6kg dumbbell. If the weights are too much I will perform the exercises without weights. I will monitor my progress and add weight when I get comfortable.


In 8 weeks time I will be doing a follow up blog post which will document my progress and show before and after photographs. I have no idea how hard I will find this but I am excited to see the results and find out if I enjoy doing these workouts!


I will be approaching these weight training workouts sensibly and safely. Always seek appropriate professional advice when it comes to starting any new type of exercise.