12/04/2019 Things You’ll Hear at Dance Fit

Sound familiar?…:)


1. *comes into class* “Ooh it’s freezing isn’t it?” *10 minutes into the class* “It’s even warmer than usual isn’t it?”


2. “Remember I’ve had a week off so be gentle with me!”


3. “Don’t watch me!”


4. “If I do my arms, I can’t do my legs and if I do my legs, I can’t do my arms!”


5. “So long as you keep moving that’s all that matters!”


6. “I just about get the hang of the routines and then she changes them!”


7. *music is about to go on* “How does it start again?!”


8. *whispers* “We’ve not done legs yet. Maybe she’s forgot?!”


9. “I like that one. Who sings that song?” 


10. “I’ll not be able to walk tomorrow!”