13/09/2019 3 Things We Need to Stop Being Embarrassed About


We’ve all made up excuses for skipping a workout, me included! One major cause of not wanting to exercise is embarrassment.

Many feel self-conscious. Maybe you feel like you have lost your fitness, changed shape or are too old. Maybe you have had bad experiences with exercise in the past.

Whatever it is that gives you exercise anxiety, going to a class or the gym for the first time can feel intimidating for anyone, anxious or not. It’s not always easy to overcome this feeling but here are 3 worries we should definitely knock on the head now!



  1. Sweat Patches!


Yes, I’m talking armpits, back, bum, even crotch! I know, I can already hear some of you shuddering. It might not be pretty but unfortunately, we ALL sweat. But why should we be embarrassed about pushing ourselves through a challenging workout? Shouldn’t we be proud?!


Exercise isn’t always glamorous even when you’ve got your favourite workout gear on. Nobody in a fitness class or a gym is ever going to look your way and think, “I can’t believe she is sweating!” so we really need to get over this fear of not looking as fresh as a daisy when we’re working out.


  1. Jiggling!


Sadly, even young girls at my dance classes have complained about their thighs jiggling when then shake their legs! In the same way we all sweat, we all jiggle too! Of course, maybe what you’re saying is you have more to jiggle than others and this is what makes you feel self-conscious. OK I hear you. But you aren’t going to be the only non-size 6 lady at the class.


We know that exercise means we have to get moving and it won’t always look graceful! Don’t hold back on giving a 100% because you are worried about how your body will look in the process.

  1. Not knowing what to do!


If you’ve never done something before no-one expects you to know what you are doing! You don’t just get in a car for the first time and drive. Life is full of firsts and those firsts all start out with the question, “What do I do?” Exercise is the same and you will be met with help not humiliation when you step into an exercise environment. All firsts are nerve-wracking but they always finish with, “what was I so worried about?!”


Another important point to remember is the instructor does this day in, day out and is an example of someone at a high level of fitness. They definitely don’t expect you to copy them perfectly!