20/07/2018 Things Everyone Say at a Fitness Class

It doesn’t matter whether you are an exercise lover or avoider, we can all relate…


“I’m so tired today.” – Are you even human if this isn’t the first thing you say when you arrive at class?!


“I’ve just got no motivation!” – You really can’t believe you’ve even turned up.


“Are you going to take it easy on us tonight?” – You ask jokingly but are secretly hopeful!


“I think I’m just going to take it steady.” – You had no joy asking the instructor to go easy on you all so you try to convince yourself you will be fine anyway.


“Sorry I’m late, I fell asleep on the sofa when I got in from work.” – Many a class has nearly been missed because someone at home forgot to wake you up from a nap.


“Don’t watch me I don’t know what I’m doing!” – You have to warn any class newbie that chooses to stand behind you.


“So long as you keep moving that’s all that matters!” – You’ve gone wrong again.


“I just can’t do my arms and legs at the same time!” – You feel like you’ve got no co-ordination whatsoever.


“I just about get it and then we move on to the next move.” – Every. Single. Time.


“I can feel everything jiggling up and down when I do that!” – When will it stop?!!


“There’s no air in here is there?” – Sorry, how warm is it?


“Is that all?!” – When the instructor tells you you’re halfway through.


“How about we do an extra long cool down?” – You ask jokingly but are secretly hopeful!