20/12/2019 Dance Fit with Helen Does Christmas

I’ve made it.

Tomorrow is my last working day before Christmas. (My deepest sympathies go out to all those of you who are not yet finished or have to work over the holiday season)

Christmas for me is about having some time off. The lead up to Christmas can feel like a never-ending obstacle course. Work deadlines, Christmas parties, family arrangements, budgeting, shopping, more work, more socialising etc etc… I don’t know about it being the most wonderful time of the year, more like the most exhausting time of the year!

With this in mind, here’s how I will be spending the festive period.


Firstly, to answer a frequently asked question, no I will not be exercising over the Christmas period! With classes closed for 2019, I will be taking the opportunity to put my feet up and recharge my batteries! I do find it tricky to sit still for too long though. I may end up bopping around to a bit of Christmas music or going for a seasonal walk, but I will not be doing any workouts. I’m exercising day in, day out for the majority of the year so it’s good to give my body a bit of a break!


Not only will I not be exercising, I will not be trying to behave myself when it comes to eating and drinking. If you can’t enjoy a few handfuls of Quality Street and a couple of glasses of mulled wine at Christmas, then, when can you?! I’m of the opinion that a week of over indulging is not the end of the world.


Where will I be spending Christmas? Well, me and hubby split Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day between our parents. This year we are spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my mum and dad’s and then we will go to his mum and dad’s in the afternoon for Christmas dinner and will stay over and spend Boxing Day with them. We swap where we are and when every year and have been doing this for the last 11 years.


We are both home birds and family is really important to us. Both our families are very traditional when it comes to Christmases. Plenty of eating, drinking, watching TV, taking the mick out of each other and basically being daft! The only difference is the game we choose to play. At my parent’s it’s charades, at the in-laws it’s monopoly. Nevertheless, both are taken very seriously and played in a highly competitive spirit!


In the past, the days in between Christmas and New Year have always been booked up with more visiting trying to see all our family and friends. Quite a few Christmases have seen either myself or my husband ending up run down after trying to cram too much in.


This year we have tried to be less ambitious with our time and have scheduled in some days at home. We hope to chill out with a bit of down time, peace, quiet and Netflix!


Whatever you have planned, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.