21/02/2020 Staying Fitspired in February and Beyond!

A huge part of my job involves trying to keep my class members motivated. For me to be able to do this means I always have to be motivated. Here are my top 5 fitspirational tips for staying motivated!

When I feel tired at the end of the day and wish I could just curl up on the sofa instead of going to class I remember –

A) How rubbish TV is.

B) I would only get bored doing nothing all evening.

C) I get to see friends when I get there!

Look at how far you’ve come with before and after pictures.

When you look at yourself every day in the mirror it’s harder to spot the changes others see in you. Dig out some old photos to compare to newer ones and remind yourself how well you are doing. This will spur you on to maintain your fitness routine.

Read or listen to inspirational stories.

For me I get to see the improvements in my own class members on a daily basis and I get to watch their journeys towards better health and well-being. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I know the potential exercise and dance has to change lives. There are stories all around us in the news, on social media and among our own friends and family.

Follow fitness & health pages and sites.

I love to keep up to date with PopSugar Fitness, Women’s Health UK and Shape. You will find not only a wealth of knowledge but motivation, encouragement and inspiration.

? Try something brand new and sparkly.

If you are losing interest in exercise it’s probably time to spice things up a bit and look for something different that you think you will enjoy. We all get bored if we have to do the same thing over and over again. This is why at Dance Fit I do 3 or 4 new routines every month to keep things fresh and fun.

The best motivation is enjoyment. Maybe you are happy with your workout regime but need to set yourself a new challenge or goal or just add a new activity into the mix. There’s plenty of choice out there. Keep yourself on your toes! It’s just like your parents would tell you as a child, you’re not allowed to say you’re bored as there’s LOADS of things you can do!