28/08/2020 Never Have I Ever with Helen

We’re all human and for that reason I challenge anyone to score a clean sheet on this health and fitness themed version of ‘Never Have I Ever…’!

Here are some secrets I definitely don’t like to brag about! See how you fare with these questions –

Never Have I Ever…

1. Fished dirty workout gear out of the laundry basket to rewear

2. Taken 10 attempts to get a workout selfie

3. Been too tired to shower and change straight after a sweaty workout

4. Posted on social media about working out or eating a healthy meal when I wasn’t

5. Had an alcoholic drink after a workout

6. Had a takeaway just because I couldn’t be bothered to cook️ 

7. Bailed on working out with a friend because I couldn’t be bothered to workout

8. Worn workout gear when I wasn’t working out

9. Paid for a gym membership and not gone

10. Had a share size bag of crisps to myself in one sitting

11. Skipped breakfast

12. Cheated on a workout

13. Done a Dance Fit routine on a night out