29/05/2020 Lockdown Bingo!

Can anyone get a full house?

How many of these things have you done or have happened to you during lockdown?…

Talked your neighbours ears off.

Oh my gosh, it’s another human who doesn’t live with me! “Hi neighbour! How are you? What have you been up to? Can you believe it?!”

Felt like a learner driver again getting in your car.

OK, now remember, it’s mirror, signal, manoeuvre and slowly move off.

Had a lockdown birthday.

Shout out to all the Aries, Tauruses and Geminis who’ve had to celebrate their special days by staying at home.

Been the last person to stop clapping on your street.

Thursday night, 8pm – you know the drill. You don’t want to stop clapping for carers too early, so you wait until the rest of your street has stopped clapping to be sure. This is much less to do with turning it into a competition of who can clap for the longest or who is most grateful, but much more to do with your inability to time 1 minute.

Spotted something on your daily walk around the block that you swear you’ve never seen before.

How long has that playground been there?! It’s always been there?! Nooo.

Either you or someone in your house has been accused of becoming an online shopping addict.

You are either the accused or the accuser. The accused usually spends a lot of time standing by the window milling about whilst the accuser, oblivious, flinches in alarm at the sound of any knock at the door.

Mistakenly thought someone had froze on an online call but it turned out they just weren’t moving.

How can anyone sit so still for so long?!

Spent close to an hour in a real queue, an online queue, or on hold.

As I write this blog post, I have been on the phone on hold for 1 hour 20 minutes trying to apply for a refund for my cancelled holiday…

Said “I/we should have been going to/doing X today.”

One day I went through my diary pointing at every single thing I had missed out on. It was like a mini presentation for my husband.

Had a wobbly day.

I think everyone has had a few of these at the very least! There’s been tears, stress and exhaustion. But it’s important to remember that this is perfectly normal and that we keep pulling through them.