31/08/2018 5 Unexpected Benefits of Dance Fit

So you probably guessed that Dance Fit is a great form of cardio, it burns calories and it can help you to lose weight and get fitter. You guessed right! But the benefits do not stop there. Dance Fit is the workout that keeps on giving…


1. Become Less Self-Conscious – Dancing around and getting sweaty in front of others will soon rid you of your inhibitions! At Dance Fit there’s no need to be embarrassed about what you look like as no one cares! After a few classes you will definitely stop worrying what others think of you and this is an empowering feeling that you can take with you outside of class.  Dance Fit is a great place to socialize with new people and make new friends.  If you struggle with shyness, moving your body and laughing with others in a friendly group setting will most certainly help you come out of your shell.


2.Gain Body Confidence – With any form of exercise comes a sense of achievement. Shifting your focus from what your body looks like to what it can do can have a big impact on your self esteem.  The best thing about Dance Fit is that it’s an all over body workout which celebrates your body! Dance Fit routines embrace your jiggly bits and show off your chest, hips, waist and bum! Dance Fit girls aren’t afraid to shake what their mamas gave them and have fun with some of the sexier moves. It’s all about loosening up and getting comfortable with your body instead of critiquing it!


3.The Feel-Good Factor Is On Another Level – We know that when we exercise our bodies release endorphins making us feel happy. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘runner’s high.’ Well let me tell you nothing beats a ‘dance fitter’s high!’ A big part of Dance Fit is the music. Music eases stress and puts you in a good mood. You can enjoy singing along as no one can hear you over the top of the music! The dance element of Dance Fit is so much fun and mastering the moves provides a real sense of accomplishment. The routines aren’t easy but they aren’t impossible. Completing a challenging workout is rewarding and ensures progress is being made which is the best feeling.


4.Ease Anxiety – Dance fitness has been found to be one of the best workouts for anxiety. First and foremost it’s fun! The music, the movements and the energy enable you to let go and calm down. Concentrating on the moves allows you to shift your mental focus and take your mind away from debilitating worries and stresses. Dance Fit classes provide a genuine sense of belonging. You’re part of something at Dance Fit, everyone is in it together. There is a supportive atmosphere and everyone is encouraging. All of these factors combined mean it’s impossible to feel anything but good both physically and mentally after a class!


5. Actually Learn Some Dance Moves! –  Whilst Dance Fit isn’t a full-blown dance class you get to learn some cool moves you can pull out the next time you’re on a dance floor. For many there is nothing more awkward than being forced to get up to dance at a party or a wedding. Fear no more! With a few Dance Fit classes under your belt a) You will know routines to most chart songs b) You will be able to move more confidently and c) You won’t be embarrassed about dancing with anyone or in front of anyone!