05/10/2018 The Beauty of Holiday Body Confidence

This week I returned home after a week away in Tenerife on holiday. It was hot, hot, hot and sunbathers and beach goers were out in force. What struck me was how relaxed everyone was when it came to stripping off and walking around in their bikinis, swimsuits and trunks (sometimes less!) Thousands of different bodies all different shapes and sizes were proudly on display. No one batted an eyelid, no one cared.


What is it about being on holiday that gives us this new found body confidence to suddenly go semi-naked in public? OK there are the high temperatures which make wearing lots of clothes unbearable. There is also the desire for a golden tan. Maybe it’s the “sod it” attitude you feel when you go on holiday or the fact that no-one knows who you are. Whatever it is I think it’s something we need to hold on to all year round.


Of course if you walked around in next to nothing here in the UK you would get some funny looks because everyone would be thinking “She’s going to catch her death of cold!” What I’m getting at is why do we assume people suddenly care what we look like when we’re back at home fully dressed?!


I don’t wear makeup very often now but it completely went out of the window on holiday. Straightening my hair ceased and I threw on outfits without too much stress. Towards the end of the holiday the only thing I began to worry about was how bloated my tummy looked. One week of all-inclusive eating and drinking definitely had an effect on how I felt about my body. I don’t think we can ever fully escape scrutinising ourselves. The good thing was it didn’t stop me getting into my bikini; it didn’t take over my thoughts. This was because I was able to remind myself that no-one cared. I had seen for myself the lack of interest people had shown as others walked by them in their swimwear.


I also reminded myself of how many people had walked past me who I’d internally given compliments to! I saw so many women of all ages who made me think “Wow she looks great, good on her!” We often assume when someone looks at us they are thinking about us, judging us and criticizing us. This negative thinking is something we all need to try to stop!


You might be thinking that nobody cares on holiday because they are all relaxing. There is definitely some truth in this. But back home isn’t everyone far too busy to care?


I’m not naive. People can and do judge especially when it comes to how someone looks. But no-one will ever obsess over your cellulite, stretch marks or jiggly bits the way you do. So why not be a bit more body confident like you are when you’re on holiday?