01/08/2020 10 Summertime Struggles All Women Have to Suffer!

We love summer but summer doesn’t always love us.

Here are ten classic summertime struggles women know all too well. Why should we suffer in silence ladies?!

1. Strapless bras – I looked up the definition of the word ‘bra.’ Apparently, it’s “an undergarment worn by women to support the breasts.” Replace the word ‘support’ with the term ‘barely covers’ and you’ve got the definition of a strapless bra. Strapless basically means useless. There is no way to discreetly hoist a strapless bra up. Decide to wear one and you spend the day yanking it up and tugging it down.

2. Humidity hair – It doesn’t matter what you do, 9 times out of 10 you end up looking like Monica in the Barbados episode of Friends.

3. Forgetting to shave – It’s bad enough trying to remember to shave your armpits regularly never mind your legs. When you do remember to shave your legs, you will ALWAYS miss a patch on your ankles.

4. Summer clothes – A summer wardrobe comes with a catalogue of problems. What underwear to wear? Is this see through? Is this too revealing?

5. Sun cream – Forgo makeup? Put it on before makeup? Put it on after makeup? If I wear makeup with SPF, do I have to keep topping up my makeup all day if I want to top up my sun protection?

6. Unsticking your thighs from everything – Uncomfortable and unattractive.

7. Sandals – Can I walk in them? Can I drive in them? This means I’ve got to get my feet out. Do I have to paint my toenails?

8. Swelling – A bit of heat and your hands and feet look like they’ve been blown up.

9. Sweat patches – Everybody sweats but why do us girls seem to get sweat patches in unseemly places?

10. Ridiculous tan lines – As swimwear designs get more complicated so does trying to get an all over, even tan.