24/07/2020 Saying Goodbye to My Twenties!

Next week I turn the big 30. It’s the end of an era.

At a small gathering for a friend’s 30th the other week, one of my friends (who’s already turned 30) asked if anyone else had noticed that they had gone up an age bracket when it came to filling in forms. At least that’s one thing I’ve got to look forward to!

Age is a funny old thing.

No matter what age you are there is always an older generation above you saying, “Wait till you get to my age!” who are ready to give you advice and words of wisdom based on their experience. Then, there is always a younger generation below you who you say, “Wait till you get to my age!” to and who you feel YOU could impart advice and wisdom to.

I think turning 30 feels like such a milestone because your twenties really are a period of growth and learning. It’s a time for finding your way in the world and big changes. Its blooming hard graft is what it is.

This doesn’t mean that you’re meant to have it all together by the time you’re 30. Well at least I hope not! (Do you ever really reach a point where you feel like you have it all together? Asking for a friend.)

When I think about my twenties there are some things I remember well:

Having to move back in with my parents after living with my other half for 3 years – I felt so sad but knew we both had to move back home so we could save up for a deposit on a house.

Coming out of my dance teaching exams – The relief!

Teaching my first Dance Fit class – 5 people turned up and some of those 5 were family members.

The day me and my other half went to the bank for our first ever meeting with a mortgage advisor and I came out in tears – The amount they were willing to lend us was pitiful and the advisor said, “Don’t be upset!”

Becoming a home owner – The day we moved (a Friday) it was snowing and for some reason neither of us had taken the day off work. We sat on inflatable chairs that evening and spent the entirety of the weekend cleaning and eating takeaways.

My wedding day – The best day of my life. Two moments I remember in particular – 1) Coming down the stairs at my mum and dad’s in my wedding dress and my dad saying, “I like it, it’s not too ridiculous.” 2) My bestest and oldest friends piling into the bridal suite at the end of night to throw back champagne with us.

My best friend’s wedding day – The 2nd best day of my life. I loved being a bridesmaid. I remember requesting ‘Low’ by Flo Rida as this was the song me and my best friend had danced to on every single night out when we turned 18. The DJ said into the mic, “I think she’s married the wrong one.” The day after the wedding, me and my best friend decided we were going to arrange a holiday abroad together, something which we’d never done before (WHAT. A. HOLIDAY.).

2020 – The year that’s tested everybody to their limits!

I’ve spent my twenties striving for perfection in every pursuit. A big lesson has been that things can’t always be perfect and not everything is in my control. Another recent revelation has been that I don’t have to have achieved everything I want to achieve by 30. I don’t know where the notion came from that I should have accomplished everything by 30 but it seems to be one a lot of young people hold on to, forever chasing something or another. Maybe it’s because 30 seems like the age of a ‘proper’ adult. “I’m in my thirties,” sounds a bit more serious and less care-free than, “I’m in my twenties.”

Only last week I forgot my pound coin for the trolley at the supermarket and ended up trying to fit a week’s shop into two baskets. I definitely don’t feel like a ‘proper’ adult at times.

Whatever the next decade holds for me, I’m lucky to be heading into it with an amazing husband, amazing family and amazing friends. 

So long twenties, it’s been quite the ride. Hello thirties, please be kind!