11/09/2020 5 Things You Need to Know About Dance Fit

Dance Fit – It’s all about burning calories, toning up and ultimately getting fitter by dancing to your favourite chart hits! The dance element of the class makes it fun and because you are concentrating on following the moves you forget you’re exercising. You might call it exercise in disguise.

These are the basics but here’s the stuff you really need to know…

 You will make new friends

I know it sounds a bit cheesy but it’s true! All my classes are full of friendly women and every class has a great sense of camaraderie. The class doesn’t just provide a good workout; it provides an opportunity for a bit of socialising (I’ve been told before that “It’s just nice to get out of the house!”) I know a few of my class members have said it was nice to start Dance Fit as they were new to the area they lived in and it was great to get to know people. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dance Fit girls don’t take themselves too seriously and we laugh as much as we exercise!

You will have a new found love for dance and music

Have you ever heard of a contestant, regardless of ability, going on Strictly Come Dancing and not falling in love with dance and its rewards? You will never just be stood toe-tapping on the dance floor again! You will be kitted out with moves for every Christmas do, wedding and party and you definitely won’t be able to sit still if you hear a Dance Fit song on the radio (a bit of a hazard when driving!) Music has a motivational power when you workout – it makes you want to move, it boosts your mood and subconsciously increases your effort whilst providing a distraction from exertion!

You will become more confident

Exercising with others in a class setting will soon rid you of any self-conscious feelings. You will realise that there are so many other women just like you with the same struggles and goals! Everybody is there for the same reason. As it says on the tin, Dance Fit has a dance element. Dance has a huge reputation for increasing people’s confidence. When you dance for fun the anxiety of having two left feet and looking awkward quickly fades away as you start to learn new moves, let go and enjoy yourself. We laugh with each other at Dance Fit, not at each other.

The mental workout will make you forget about the physical workout

Because you are concentrating on following the moves and remembering what comes next you forget you’re exercising! Just like the music, it’s providing a distraction from how hard you are actually working. Dance makes you think of exercise in a positive light. We all know exercise can have negative connotations of slogging it out in the gym and half the battle of getting into exercise is mind over matter! The mental workout means you don’t get bored and the time flies by!

You will de-stress

Dance Fit provides an hour of escapism! Because you are thinking about the moves and listening to the music, it’s very difficult to think about anything else! It will take your mind of daily stresses. Moving, shaking, grooving and sweating it out is a great release of energy which leaves you feeling relaxed afterwards.