11/10/2019 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting Dance Fit

Quite often people say to me that they wish they had started Dance Fit sooner. So many people put off signing up for a multitude of reasons.

They panic about not being fit enough. They think the class will be too hard. Some worry about attending alone.

So, here are some things that I think everyone should know before they start Dance Fit. They might just persuade you to join us sooner rather than later 😉 …

There’s no need to be nervous about going for the first time


Firstly, you don’t need to worry about not knowing anybody as it won’t be long before you do! Everyone is welcoming, friendly and non-judgmental. Everyone is there for the same reasons.

Secondly, no-one is going to be looking at you. Even if you are stood on the front row, I can assure you that everyone is too busy trying to follow and keep up with the instructor (that’s me!).

Lastly, anyone can do Dance Fit.  Whatever your age, size, shape or fitness level, there’s no barriers. You can just do the arm actions or the leg actions. Or, you can do the full moves just less energetically. You can even do the class seated.


You won’t pick up the moves STRAIGHT away


When you first start, it may feel like you don’t know what you’re doing and everybody else does. Remember, some of the other ladies may have been coming for months, even years.

On average, 3 new routines are introduced every month. This means each routine is usually done at class for around 3 months before it falls off the list. Popular ones stick around for a lot longer!

When you first join a class, every routine will be a new routine for you! So don’t panic if you don’t get the hang of them all at first. You will be doing each routine for a while so there’s plenty of time to get more comfortable with them.


Don’t stress about getting the routines step perfect


Just keep moving! Everyone else makes mistakes too (even the instructor sometimes!)

Remember, fitness should be fun. It’s meant to be a good laugh so don’t take the class too seriously. I don’t expect you to memorise all the routines or perform the steps exactly how I do. Just do what you can.

My ladies often joke that they finally master a routine and then I go and introduce a new one! But that’s what keeps the class fresh and keeps class members moving forward. So, there’s no need to get too hung up on a particular move as there will always be new ones on the horizon. You’re not being entered for a dance exam – you’re there for a boogie and a workout!


It will boost your mood


There’s more to it than just physical benefits. So many women tell me that they always feel better after coming to class.

Dance Fit provides stress relief. You get to sing along to your favourite songs, you get to catch up with friends and you get to laugh out loud as you attempt to wiggle your hips with attitude!

When class finishes, you feel like you’ve done something, you can feel proud of yourself. Somehow, expending all that energy leaves you feeling relaxed.

It’s a feel-good workout, it’s not a drudge or a chore.


You will improve


EVERYONE improves at Dance Fit in some way or another! Over time, my class members get fitter, get better at the moves, improve their co-ordination, improve their balance, improve their flexibility and grow in confidence. It doesn’t matter where you start from, the only way is up!

You shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else in your class as everyone is at different stages. Some people join after a long break from exercise. Some people start when they are already exercising regularly. It might take time but like with anything, stick at it and you’ll progress. Don’t write yourself off and think you’re never going to get the hang of it.

I’ll never forget the time one of my ladies asked me if I thought she was doing alright or if I thought she should just stop coming! I said, “Of course you’re doing alright, look at how much you’ve improved from when you first started!” She replied, “oh good, I’m glad!”