4/10/2019 Hidden Workouts in Your Workout!

What’s the hardest part about working out? You are probably thinking it’s obviously the workout bit, right?!

Well I beg to differ…

Here are the hidden workouts hiding in your pre-workout and post-workout routines!

Getting ready

You’ve decided what you’re wearing but now you have to look for it…

Multiple trips between the wardrobe and washing basket in search of said workout gear will work up a sweat before you even get started trying to put it on! There’s the jumping up and down to get into your leggings, the obligatory squats afterwards to check they are securely in place, followed by the wriggling around to get into your sports bra.


Trying to leave the house

Trainers are on, you’re about to head out of the door and then you remember you’ve forgot your water. Trainers off and run to the kitchen. Run back to the door, trainers on and leave the house. Get halfway to the car and realise you’ve forgot your purse. Back to the house and grab purse. As your hand hovers over the door, you can’t remember if you put deodorant on or not. Keeping trainers on, dash upstairs for a quick spray. Narrowly avoid falling down the stairs in the rush back down. Open the door and realise your hair is down and for the first time in your life, you don’t have a hair tie on your wrist…


Finding a parking space

Despite the whole purpose of your excursion being to get some exercise, you try to park as close as possible to the gym, leisure centre or class venue. You get a great arm workout trying to manoeuvre into the tightest space possible.


Running into the building

Inevitably, you will either be running late, it will be raining, it will be freezing, or all three! Cue a mad sprint from the car into the building. Warm up cardio – check!


Finding your spot

You have finally arrived at your workout location. Now begins the shuffling about, jostling for position and dodging fellow workout goers as you try to decide where to stand or where to start.


Getting out of your sweaty workout clothes

Workout complete, you head home.  Your first port of call when you return is the shower. Remember how long it took to get into your leggings and sports bra? Now take that time and double it. That’s how long it will take to get the damn things off! The exertion of strength required to pull sweaty workout clothes off your body deserves recognition!


Rummaging around the kitchen for post-workout snacks

This will require a good few visits to the fridge and back and numerous laps of the kitchen continuously opening the same cupboards in the hope that something new and appetizing will miraculously appear!