14/06/2019 What Your Instructor Is Really Thinking!


It can be super daunting starting a new fitness class, especially if you have fallen off the exercise wagon. You’re probably thinking, “Will I survive?” and envy the oh so confident teacher. Well this might surprise you, but your instructor is sometimes thinking, “Will I survive?!”

Let me tell you, you’re not alone in your self-conscious, self-doubting thoughts…


Please turn up! 


There is nothing more nerve-wracking than the wait to see if people will turn up! We all know it’s so hard finding the time and motivation to exercise. Busy work, family and social lives can all get in the way of people making it to class so I always have my fingers crossed people will come and applaud those who do!

I hope they like me!


They say you can’t please everyone but that’s basically what you are trying to do when you teach a class! You want everyone to enjoy it and be able to keep up whilst going at their own pace, no matter what their age or ability. Easy, right?!

Everyone’s a bit quiet, are they bored or just tired?


As an instructor your no.1 aim is to keep the class fresh and fun to ensure people keep coming. You always worry that people will lose interest (I am known for filling any gap in a conversation to avoid awkward silence so any quietness sends me into a panic!)


It’s particularly hard to gage when it’s time to shake things up. You feel like you’ve been doing the routines forever as you are doing them every day but your class members might only be doing them once or twice a week!

I hope I don’t look too red and sweaty!


So many people put off trying a fitness class because they are self-conscious about how they look or will look when doing the class… Well imagine being the one stood in front of the class with all eyes on you! There is no hiding away as the instructor.


Just because we appear confident speaking and demonstrating in front of a busy class doesn’t mean we don’t have the same self-conscious thoughts as you! There is little time or point trying to make yourself look glamorous. Make-up is sweated off and there just isn’t time for multiple showers in one working day. Most times when I catch sight of myself in the mirror after a class I think, “OMG, is this what people have had to stare at for the last hour?!”


I hope I can remember this routine!


I have 4 different versions of each routine I do to cater for my different classes so it really is a mental workout remembering what I’m doing! Sometimes it’s obvious I’ve made a mistake or forgotten for a moment so I try to laugh it off and poke fun at myself. Other times I pray my improvisation was convincing enough!

Should I say something now, what should I say?

The instructor’s job is to keep the class members motivated and the class atmosphere up for the full 45 mins or hour! There is no time for you to be tired or demotivated.

Am I aching from yesterday’s class, this morning’s class or this class?


It might be our job to workout but we definitely don’t find it easy and we are not immune to the after-effects of a hard session!

I wish you knew how well you are doing!


As much as I try to tell my class members they are improving, not many of them believe me! My praise is usually brushed off with laughter! It can be very hard to see change in yourself but your instructor can and DOES!