14/12/2018 All I Want For Christmas


This is my open letter to Father Christmas. It’s not extensive but it’s a start. I don’t think I’m asking for too much so I hope he can help me out…




1. One extra day a week. A Smonday if you will. An extra day between Sunday and Monday to recover from weekend activities before going back to work.


2. A self-cleaning house. Seriously why does cleaning take so long? Who are these people that have got time to change their bedding once a week?


3. Skinny jeans that stay skinny. Not skinny jeans that eventually go baggy around the knees.


4. For all my friends and family to be free on the same days I am in 2019. It would be nice to avoid those impossible scheduling nightmares.


5. The perfect climate. Not too cold, not too hot. Not too wet, not too dry. Definitely no snow or ice.


6. Better music in the charts. Some months it’s been really hard to choose songs to do Dance Fit routines to!


7. No more road works. I can’t remember the last time I drove somewhere where there wasn’t a temporary set of traffic lights on route. I’m a busy girl Santa – I need to get about quicker!


8. Gadgets that don’t need charging. I feel like there is never a point in my day when something isn’t on charge or needs charging.


9. Beauty sleep that actually works. The kind that doesn’t leave me waking up looking like a troll!


10. Skincare products that actually work!


11. Someone to follow me around and knock unhealthy food out of my hand.  They could then replace it with healthier and tastier food.


12. A spa day. What better than swanning around in a white bathrobe all day?


13. Anything from PINK.


14. My hair to stop going grey. My hair appointments will be increasing if these glitter strands keep multiplying at the rate they are.


15. The perfect avocado.


16. I would like to silence all those self-conscious thoughts that stop women getting into exercise.


17. For all my class members to reach their goals in 2019.


18. A date night with my husband. At Christmas we spend so much time seeing everybody it would be nice to have some time for just us.


19. Good health for all of us. Health is wealth.


20. A winning lottery ticket…because a little extra money wouldn’t go amiss either!