21/12/2018 2018 – That’s A Wrap!

It’s time to round up all the good bits of my 2018…

Classes have grown

I am now running more sessions and class attendance has grown. I have a strong core of regulars at every class. Numbers will always peak and trough, but I have noticed that classes have been busier this year over traditionally quieter periods like the height of winter and summer. I have been surprised to have new starters at this time of the year when it’s a real push to go out to a class. It’s cold, dark and everyone has a million and one things to do in the lead up to Christmas. Let’s face it; it’s very easy to stop at home!

To anyone who has started a class this year and stuck at it, I applaud you. To my longstanding class members who’ve been coming over the last few years, I salute you! To commit to getting fitter is no mean feat and the commitment and determination I’ve seen from my classes this year has been fantastic.

Thank you to everyone who has turned out in all weathers this year. You lot make my life a whole lot happier and more fulfilling.


My class members have improved SO much

Last year I was still getting feedback here and there from some of my classes that my routines were a bit too fast or too hard. I did often wonder if I needed to slow down so everyone could keep up. But my outlook has always been to pitch my classes at the most fittest and able there. Everyone should just do what they can and go at their own pace. As I always say, it’s about keeping moving and having fun. I always demonstrate moves at 100% to show how energetically they can be performed but before I put the music on I will show how they can be scaled back.

This year I don’t think I’ve had any comments about my routines or my teaching style. I’ve not changed, the style of routines I choreograph hasn’t changed, but my class members HAVE. They’ve got better. I wish they knew how much they have improved this year. As much as I try to tell my classes they are doing well, most of them don’t believe me! It can be hard to see change in yourself but your instructor can and DOES! I love that my classes will have a go at anything I throw at them and that they will try their best and laugh off any mistakes. Their willingness to challenge themselves is what supports their continuous improvement.

My classes are fitter, stronger and more able. Not to mention quite a few class members are now quite a few pounds lighter! I couldn’t be prouder.


I’ve relaxed a little

OK I confess that when I told a relative that I thought I’d relaxed more and had more time off this year they burst out laughing! I understand why they laughed. I work hard and this year I’ve probably worked harder than last.

However, I have not forgotten to balance work with play. One thing I am happiest about this year is that I have spent more time with my friends. One of my favourite moments of 2018 was being a bridesmaid for my best friend. We have seen each other more this year than ever before.

I’ve definitely treated myself more and had more than one holiday. I’m a bit more in tune with my body and I know when I’m pushing my luck and need to have a little rest. I’ve not got as run down as I did last year (touch wood!)

I’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to better self-care. I don’t know if I will ever slow down or stop being a workaholic but I have started to make more time for me. If I have any aim for 2019 it’s to keep this up.