15/02/2019 3 Things You Need to Do to Make Exercise a Habit

For better health and fitness, we have to make exercise a habit. It has to be part of your weekly schedule. When something becomes part of your routine it feels odd to skip it which means you rarely will.

But for something to become a habit you have to stick at it. This means you have to be consistent. Exercise should not be approached in the same way a fad diet might be. It’s not a case of do it for 12 weeks and then pack it in when you reach your goal.

We’re now into February and my class attendance figures have already seen a slight drop. This happens every year. The January ‘new year, new me’ buzz has quietly died down and gone into hibernation ready for next year!

So what is the secret to sticking at exercise long enough for it to become a habit? Well it might just be simpler than you think…

Find exercise you enjoy


If you’re undertaking regular exercise, it probably means you have found a type that you enjoy. When you enjoy something, it makes it ultra-easy for it to become a habit. All types of exercise are good for you but if you are doing something you loathe, stop! You will rarely make something you hate a regular thing. I would never advise anyone to keep coming to Dance Fit if they didn’t enjoy it!


Hang out with fitness friends


Our friends can have a big influence on us so it’s important to have what I call fitness friends around. These friends will workout with you, motivate you and encourage you. A large part of success is based on who you surround yourself with. If the people around you are exercising and encouraging you to join them, not only will you want to join them, you will join them! You can still have your drinking buddies and dinner-date mates but don’t forget you need workout companions too!


Commit to be fit.


They make exercise a priority – it’s not viewed as an optional extra if they’ve got time that particular week. Exercise is part of their routine and thinking of excuses to get out of it doesn’t enter their head. They don’t say “I haven’t got time,” they make time instead. We are only talking about half an hour every weekday or 1-2 hours of higher intensity exercise a week. Create a routine and before long it’ll be a habit you don’t ever consider breaking.