22/02/2019 Grandma Knows Best!

Some of you will already know that my grandma in law is a loyal dance fitter. She is definitely one of my loudest supporters! However, it still came as a surprise to me that she decided to take the time to write a little testimonial for me to use especially to promote my classes. I did not ask her to do this, she wanted to!

Mona, my grandma in law, has had quite the journey when it comes to her health and fitness. The transformation I have seen in her is still something that shocks me most weeks when I see her at class putting 100% in alongside women half her age.

I cannot take all the credit (although she would try and make me!) as Mona had a complete overhaul of her diet and eating habits to get to where she is now.

But without further a do, let me share with you what she had to say about Dance Fit and her progress. Thank you Grandma!

I hope it will inspire anyone out there thinking about starting one of my classes to go for it. Remember, Grandmas always know best!

“In two years I have lost 5 stone in weight. I have done this by counting my calories. I have not attended a slimming club of any kind although I’m not knocking them in any way.  If they work for you, use them. I did not as I had a goal and did not falter.

I do confess to having the best ally I could have had in a very special lady called Helen Tomlinson. Helen is a dance teacher but more importantly Helen is a Dance Fit teacher. She has daytime classes for less able people in the form of chairobics. For more able people of all ages Dance Fit is the thing to do.

I personally attend two classes a week on a Tuesday and a Thursday evening. My fitness level has improved beyond my expectations. I will never let myself slip back to my old weight and only when I am told I can no longer do Dance Fit will I stop.

So ladies come on and give it a go. If you think it’s not for you, you’re so wrong it is!

By the way I’m 69. Look on Helen’s website for venues and times and come and join us. I promise you will have fun and laugh a lot. But best of all you will lose weight and get fit!!!

I’m very proud to be able to call Helen my Granddaughter in law.”