01/03/2019 My A-Z of Getting Fit

No-one said it would be easy getting into exercise and boy they weren’t kidding! Here’s my A-Z of everything fitness-related we can all relate to.

A stands for Aches and Pains –

Walking up the stairs or sitting down in a chair soon become impossible tasks in the days that follow a fitness class. You just about recover in time for the next session.

B stands for Bootcamp –

You feel so good about yourself when you sign up for a bootcamp style exercise programme that you almost forget you have to attend to reap the benefits! This military style approach to getting fit will either be the kick up the bum you require or scare you off completely!

C stands for Cardio –

Unfortunately getting out of breath is the only way of getting into a smaller dress size. Whilst cardio is exhausting it is the best way to burn calories and lose weight, a necessary evil shall we say?

D stands for Dance Fit –

The best form of exercise, don’t you agree?

E stands for Enthusiasm Expiry Date –

So, you’re about one or two months into your exercise routine and the novelty of getting fit has worn off. Now it just feels like a hard slog. If you can get over this hump then exercise will soon become a habit and then it will feel easier to get up and go!

F stands for Fitspo –

Otherwise known as fitness motivation! Whilst some people may scoff at motivational quotes, they remind us why we are working hard and that we are not alone in our struggles.

G stands for Gadgets –

Fitness technology has grown in popularity and we are now strapped up with monitors measuring our steps and heart rate. Competing to beat your own high score becomes obsessive and can result in a major fall out with yourself. You can’t storm away from yourself so the watch gets thrown off instead!

H stands for Home Workouts – 

Working out at home seems like a great idea to fit exercise into your busy schedule until you realise it takes half an hour to move the furniture around. You then have the dilemma about if anyone will see you if they walk past the living room window. When you get started you will still manage to knock something over and mildly injure yourself during the process!

I stands for Instagram Abs –

Those perfect stomach selfies will either motivate you or make you want to throw your phone out of the window!

J stands for Jumping –

It’s one of the best cardio exercises you can do but after one set of 10 you feel like you’ve run a marathon!

K stands for Kayla Itsines –

The fitness queen. Unfortunately, it turns out we won’t tone up just by following her on Insta, we have to do the workouts too. Drat!

L stands for Long Days –

If you are working all day, fitting exercise in means either early mornings or late evenings!

M stands for Monday Motivation –

Monday – the time of the week we all assume is the best day to start implementing changes. When will we learn?! Mondays are hard enough as it is without extra challenges!

N stands for Newbie –

It can be a little nerve-wracking walking into a class on your own or trying something new for the first time. But, there’s no need to feel self-conscious as everyone was once a beginner.

O stands for Optimism –

Required at all times when trying to get fitter! Less ‘what if I can’t?’ and more ‘what if I can?’

P stands for Perspiration –

If you’re anything like me then you don’t sparkle or glow, you sweat! Sweating is an unpleasant side effect of working out which completely ruins the cool sporty look you were going for.

Q stands for Quitting – 

The route to a guilty conscience! If only quitting exercise was harder but it’s so easy to give up when you have a busy life to contend with. As soon as you start seeing results you won’t want to quit, don’t stop until you do!

R stands for Resolutions –

Not to be confused with realistic goals! Resolutions usually surface after a few drinks on New Year’s Eve and are often far too vague, far too ambitious and have no plan of action whatsoever.

S stands for Squats –

We currently live in a world of ‘booty’ envy with the likes of Kym Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce plastered over the media. The trend is the bigger the better and the answer is squats. So, get low and feel the burn!

T stands for Treadmill –

An easy to use piece of equipment allowing you to run indoors instead of outside in the cold and rain. It’s just a shame time stands still when you are on one. Five minutes feels like 15 minutes and the boredom will kill any motivation you had before stepping on it.

U stands for Ulterior Motive –

We might pretend we are getting fit for our health but secretly it’s all about impressing a certain someone or turning heads at that party!

V stands for Victory Dance –

When that fist pump feeling hits because you’ve reached your goal get your dancing shoes on and have a victory dance!

W stands for Weekends –

The weekend, 2 guilt-ridden days were everything goes south. You eat what you want, drink what you want and do as little physical activity as possible in the name of ‘chilling out.’

X stands for XS –

The clothes size you think you definitely should be after THAT workout!

Y stands for Yoga Pants –

The best part about getting fit? The new wardrobe! A small fortune can be spent on yoga pants and who can blame us? They smooth over any lumps and bumps and aren’t see through!

Z stands for Zzzs –

One benefit of all this exercise is you sleep better! Completely exhausting yourself ensures a good night’s rest as that’s all you’re fit for afterwards.