22/11/2019 Are You Just Going Through the Motions?

So, you’ve joined an exercise class or you’ve signed up to the gym. Maybe you’ve set out a home workout routine. You might have a general goal to lose a bit of weight, drop a dress size or get fitter. But are you just going through the motions? Are you doing but not really thinking?


For example, say you’re at a class or doing a workout routine but rather than concentrating on the exercises your body is doing you’re going through your to-do list in your head. You’re thinking about what you can make for tea and stressing about that important meeting at work tomorrow. Your thoughts are racing but your body is just going through the motions.

This type of behavior can be really detrimental to your goals. Unfortunately, multi-tasking is a by-product of have a busy life and who doesn’t have a busy life? We spend all day with multiple screens at our finger tips and very rarely do we switch off from our messages, emails or social media accounts.

But when it comes to exercising, we need to make a conscious effort to listen to our bodies. We need to think of exercising as a priority. It needs your time and attention. You can’t do it halfheartedly or fake your way through a workout and expect results.

When it comes to your exercise routine, you need to be honest with yourself and ask those tough questions –


Are you trying your best and pushing yourself?

Are you finding it too easy?

Are you getting out of breath?

Can you feel your muscles working?

Do you need to up the intensity of what you’re doing?


When you are exercising you should be concentrating on your body and listening to what it tells you. Especially with certain moves like lunges and squats you need to make sure you are doing them properly to avoid injury and any niggles should not be ignored. Similarly, if you feel like you could up the ante then what are you waiting for? Hitting a plateau puts a stop in the way of progress.

Luckily with Dance Fit it is tricky to find yourself thinking about other things as you have to concentrate on the moves and try and remember what’s coming next. But if you start finding a routine easier why not up the oomph? Rather than just doing a little jump try a high jump, work those arms harder on the punches or run faster.

That old saying of a little change can make a big difference couldn’t be truer. We’re all guilty of going through the motions from time to time but let’s be bold and look at our goals head on and commit to be fit!