15/11/2019 Habits of Healthy People

We all know one person who is full of energy, fit, looks amazing, rarely gets run down and always has a healthy glow about them. Just how do they do it? What’s their secret?

Well becoming a healthier you might just be simpler than you think…


They enjoy exercising.


I know, it’s hardly ground-breaking news that exercise features on this list! The key here is that if you’re undertaking regular exercise, it probably means you have found a type that you enjoy. When you enjoy doing something, it’s ultra-easy for doing that something to become a habit.

All types of exercise are good for you but if you are doing something you loathe, stop! You will rarely make something you hate a regular thing.


They plan their meals in advance.


Leaving dinner time up to chance after a long working day is dangerous territory. A takeaway always looks mighty tempting when I get in at 9pm after evening classes and I’m too tired to cook.

This is why I have to plan ahead and make meals that are quick, easy AND healthy! To plan meals in advance doesn’t mean suddenly turning into Nigella Lawson. It doesn’t even have to mean doing any meal prep (obviously helpful but I’ll not pretend I ever do it!) Simply put it means thinking ahead. What does your schedule look like tomorrow? What time will you get home? How long will you have to make something? How long will you want to stand cooking? There’s far less chance of ending up with a microwave meal or cheeky takeaway if you think ahead.


They love eating and don’t deprive themselves.


Healthy people see food as fuel and don’t starve themselves. By not having a super-restrictive diet you are actually less likely to have big blowouts. You can eat healthily most of the time and still enjoy some treats without feeling guilty. It’s all about balance and having a healthy relationship with food.


They hang out with fitness friends.


A big part of socialising is eating and drinking. We’ve all been peer pressured into a night out or an indulgent lunch when trying to behave ourselves. Our friends can have a big influence on us so it’s important to have what I call fitness friends around. These friends will workout with you, motivate you and encourage you.

If the people around you are exercising and encouraging you to join them, not only will you want to join them, you will join them! You can still have your drinking buddies and dinner-date mates but don’t forget workout companions.


They walk.


Walking is the easiest thing you can do to boost your health and fitness. However, it can be tricky with a sedentary job. With an office job you have to rely on walking as much as you can outside of work to rack up your step count.

A healthy habit is to ditch the convenience of the car for 5-10 minute trips and walk instead. Get outside in the fresh air and try and make your leisure time as active as you can.


They know when to say no.


Saying yes to everything can fast lead to burn out (I know, I’ve been there.) It’s not just about work/life balance but work/life/rest balance! Becoming run down regularly can play havoc with your health. In terms of exercise you are likely to feel too exhausted to get moving. Even if you do force yourself up off the sofa you probably won’t be able to give your workout a 100%. Saying yes to every offer of extra work or every social invite can leave you run down. Try and find a balance and know when to say no.


They commit to be fit.


They make exercise a priority rather than viewing it as an optional extra if they’ve got time. Exercise is part of their routine and thinking of excuses to get out of it doesn’t enter their head. They don’t say, “I haven’t got time,” they make time instead. We are only talking about half an hour every weekday or 1-2 hours of higher intensity exercise a week. Create a routine and before long it’ll be a habit you won’t ever consider breaking.


They try new things.


This may sound like an odd one but trying new things is great for your mental health and physical health. Learning new skills is good for the brain and physically it means you are up for a challenge. You are less likely to plateau with your fitness if you are willing to push yourself and do something different.

Trying new things does require confidence which may take time to acquire. The beauty of having this confidence is you don’t worry about whether you will be good at something or not before you give it a go. No self-conscious thoughts will hold you back!