08/11/2019 How Does Dance Fit Compare to Other Workouts?

So, if you haven’t already noticed I talk A LOT about how good Dance Fit is! But how does it stack up as a workout compared to other more traditional forms of exercise?…




Dance Fit is one of the most inclusive forms of exercise there is. Walking, running and cycling can all put a lot of pressure on the joints, particularly the knees. Now think about the equipment you use at the gym – running machines, steppers, exercise bikes, rowing machines etc. That’s right, they all do too. Even swimming, which is a non weight-bearing workout, is not advised for those with hip problems. These factors become important as our bodies age.

Dance Fit is a total body workout so we are not focusing or putting too much pressure on one part of the body. Moves can be easily tailored with multiple variations to accommodate for problems, niggles, injuries and various fitness levels. With Dance Fit there is always room for interpretation – you don’t have to do it exactly like the instructor! This is unique to dance-based exercise.



Hitting a plateau is a common bump in the round for those on a fitness or weight loss journey. This is where your current workout no longer produces the results it used to. There are only so many options for many traditional cardio workouts for example increasing speed, time or distance.

Plateaus are rare in dance-based workouts because routines frequently change and new moves challenge new muscle groups. Routines can always increase in intensity with endless options for steps and combinations. Endurance can always be pushed by changing up the order of the routines to group harder routines together and by decreasing the resting time between each one.


So you might have guessed Dance Fit is a great form of cardio exercise. A typical class actually takes on the form of an interval style workout varying between high and low intensity which we know is highly effective for burning fat and improving overall fitness.

However, as I’ve already mentioned Dance Fit works the whole body so there are many other benefits to be enjoyed. I’m talking core strength, flexibility, joint mobility, agility and balance (very important as we age for reducing falls.) It is also far more mentally stimulating than other forms of exercise. Not only is this ideal for keeping a young mind, studies have shown that those consciously involved in exercise burn more calories. If you are engaged in what you are doing rather than mindlessly using a treadmill for example, you will have a more effective workout.


It is estimated that dance burns anywhere from 5 to 10 calories per minute. That’s a potential 600 calories you could burn in a traditional one hour dance or dance fitness class! But how does this compare to other forms of exercise? When I have researched this so many different answers can be found and to be honest, in terms of calories other workouts do produce a similar burn. Calories are a hard one to calculate because it all depends on your weight and how hard you work during your workout.

So I’m not saying Dance Fit is a better calorie burner than other types of exercise. In fact, I’m not saying it is better in general than anything else.  The better workout for you is always the one you enjoy because that means you will want to exercise and keep exercising, not fall out with it. What I am saying is in comparison to other types, Dance Fit has a lot of benefits to offer, some of which are unique to Dance Fit. It stands proud as an all-rounder and a highly effective workout.