01/11/2019 Spooky Things About Dance Fit


There are lots of strange goings on at Dance Fit and a class can leave you feeling very funny indeed. The rhythm will definitely get you if you’re not careful!

Here are some of the mysterious things that may happen to you or you may encounter if you sign up…

During Dance Fit, your hips magically loosen up.


You follow the teacher even when she goes wrong as if she’s put a spell on you.


Feel like somebody’s watching you? They aren’t. Everyone’s looking at the teacher.


Learning new routines may provoke bouts of hysterical laughter.


Time flies away on a broomstick at Dance Fit.


You miraculously feel better afterwards.


Class can often leave your legs with the shakes.


The songs will haunt you everywhere you go.


You may feel the Dance Fit spirit at any time, in any place. Watch out for involuntary dance moves.


Squats. Well they’re not spooky they are just plain scary!