25/10/2019 What Everyone’s Really Thinking at Dance Fit


It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, when it comes to Dance Fit we are all thinking the same things. See how many of these thoughts you can relate to…


1. I’ll just hide away back here – I don’t want anyone to see me!


2. No, no, no. The back row is full! I’m going to have to go on the front row. *silently sobs*


3. Try and look normal.

4. Try to keep smiling.

5. Try not to look too exhausted.

6. Oh no I’m going to be sick…oh wait it’s just indigestion. Why did I eat such a big tea before class?

7. Urgh I feel sick…oh wait my belly’s rumbling…OK I’m just hungry. Why didn’t I eat anything before class?

8. Have I got sweat patches? Can anyone see my sweat patches?

9. Just nearly fell over I hope nobody noticed.

10. Did I wear this same outfit at last week’s class? Oh no I did! I hope no-one thinks I haven’t washed it since last week!


​11. I can’t really can’t remember which is my right foot and which is my left, how do I function in day to day life?!

12. Why do I need a drink of water but no-one else is taking a drink of water?