24/01/2020 A Recipe for the Perfect Dance Fit Workout

The 3 basic ingredients for a perfect Dance Fit workout are catchy music, awesome moves and a ladleful of fun.

At Dance Fit it’s time to let your hair down, so no hair net required!

Before we begin cooking up a great workout, you will need motivation, clothes you can move in and 500ml of water.

1. Pre-heat your body with a good warm up and stretch.

2. Take a group of friendly faces, an upbeat instructor, 10 super-duper songs, a generous serving of shimmys and wiggles and a double portion of armography.

Add a sprinkle of squats on top for an extra hot workout.

Stir well.

3. The routines will start to bubble and fizz with energy, creating endorphins.

Mix in a bellyful of laughter and your workout will really start to take shape.

4. To get you through the 2nd half of your workout, throw in some camaraderie from your fellow fitness friends and a dash of encouragement from the instructor.

5. Wipe off any excess sweat.

6. After 55 minutes, switch off the heat and leave to cool down for 5 minutes.

And there you have it, a foolproof method for a first-class Dance Fit workout.