24/04/2020 I Can’t Wait to Start A Class After This is All Over!

Have you already decided to start a new fitness regime when lockdown is over? In the current climate where we have to stay at home, it’s hard to imagine that your initial excitement to run off to the nearest exercise class or gym may turn into mild panic when the big day arrives.

Here’s my guide to keeping those nerves at bay when that day does arrive…

P.S Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!

Think how many other newbies there will be.

When lockdown is over, think how many other people will be signing up to exercise programmes. Lockdown has translated into a lot of eating, drinking and sitting about for most people, including me!

If you worry you will feel too self-conscious and end up backing out, remember it will be the perfect time to start as plenty of other people will be in the same boat as you!

Will anyone really be looking at you?

Taking into consideration how many new starters there will be to all classes, gyms and programmes, everyone is going to be far too busy worrying about what they are doing and how they look to be staring at you. As for the regulars, they will be eager to get back into exercise and will throw themselves into action without a thought for anyone else.

Once you get going you will be so busy concentrating on what you’re doing, you will forget about the other people there with you.

Find your balance.

I don’t mean so you don’t fall over (even though that may come in handy for certain exercises!) The saying goes that you get out of something what you put in and this is very true. Don’t dwell on getting things perfect on the first go. So long as you are doing the moves/exercises safely, your main aim should just be to get moving.

Equally, you don’t want to overdo it in your first session. This is what I mean by finding a balance. You should always start slow and build up gradually. Push yourself but don’t go overkill! This will put you off doing a second session.

Don’t give yourself a hard time afterwards.

First sessions can be difficult. Try not to rubbish your efforts and performance. You don’t want to talk yourself out of going again. Of course, something you’ve never done before isn’t going to be easy, especially if you’re starting out after a big break from exercise.

Remain positive. You still accomplished what you set out to do and next time should be a little easier.