10/04/2020 The Challenges of Home Workouts

“Workout at home,” they said.

“It’ll be easy,” they said.

“It’ll be fun,” they said.

Well they got the last bit right!…

  • When doing an online workout, you will need to get creative when trying to prop your phone or tablet up in a position where you can see it easily. FYI – I’ve been leaning my phone up against my TV with the use of a Yankee candle box to prop it up higher.
  • Superman strength vision will be required as you squint to see what the online instructor is doing on your screen.
  • If you decide to attempt getting an online workout on your TV screen you will require a degree in IT.
  • There’s the dilemma of leaving your curtains open or not if you’re doing a daytime workout. Leave them open and risk providing entertainment for passers-by. Shut them and you’ll raise eyebrows and suspicions on the street.
  • Making space for a home workout will test your strength and your interior design skills.
  • The sofa is always watching you, silently suggesting you take a rest.
  • Wearing your carpet or rug out becomes a real worry. Any floor work will remind you that you need to hoover, urgh.
  • There’s little privacy from the rest of your household. Someone will try to distract you, shout you or ask you what’s for tea.
  • Fighting the urge to ‘stay hydrated’ with wine is a real battle of self-control, especially with the fridge so close-by and no one to frown upon you.
  • You will learn the hard way that pyjamas are not suitable workout wear!